Jan. 9th, 2008

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I haven't updated for a few days, which has caused some friends concern, so in case they're not the only ones: I'm still alive, guys. I've had a rough few days and I didn't have the heart to do an update, but the last few days have also been peppered with shiny moments of happiness, and it's the latter I'm going to focus on, with a dose of miscellany too:

> Roy visited from Melbourne on Thursday. We had a long chat over coffee at the Monkeys, then we watched Robot Chiken in my room with Kelly and Hammond, had a few tasty beverages, then all four of us went to see 'I Am Legend', which was reasonably entertaining but managed to completely miss the point of the original story. But for me, movies are always more about who you go with than what you see. It was a really good evening; I always have a great time with Roy. WHO LIVES IN MELBOURNE NOW. JERK!

> On Sunday, Hammond, Adders, Kelly and I all went down to the Gold Coast. The original plan was to go to Dreamworld but it was packed out, so we went to the Coast itself, bought chicken and buns and salads and various ingredients and had a picnic on the beach. Much hilarity ensued. Then we took over a bunch of playground equipment. Never in my life will I forget the sight of 6-foot-something Adders looming over the small children in the line for the flying fox ride. Or Hammond giving a couple of little girls on a weird rotating ride a hard push to start them off, overdoing it a bit so they went really fast and one of them started shrieking, and then guiltily laughing on the sidelines. Even better was the phenomenon of Adders pretending to be an in-car satellite navigation system.

Kelly: *is driving*
Adders: *intones* "Take... the next... left."
Kelly: *misses the turn*
Adders: *peevishly* "Recalculating route."
Kelly: D:
Hammond and I: *laughing our asses off*

As Hammond said, the four of us fit really well together. The whole day was just wall-to-wall fun and relaxation. No social awkwardness, no tension, no nothing - just four friends enjoying being with one another. For a whole day I forgot about all the stress and pressure, all the things making me sad and I just lived and had fun.

> We ended up in a shopping center when getting the lunch ingredients, and in EzyDVD I discovered a bin of DVD-sized containers for 'The daVinci Code'. I immediately grabbed one and declared to Adders that it'd be the BEST DODGY STASH CONTAINER EVER. BECAUSE NOBODY WOULD EVER, EVER OPEN IT. The look of wide-eyed revelation on Adder's face was priceless, and I have no idea what the store clerk made of it when the two of us each rushed to the counter with our little 'daVinci Code' tins and massive grins on our faces.

> Jess and then Chris came down with the Dreaded Lurgy and much puking was had. Thanks to my reversed sleep-wake cycle I managed to avoid them and thus the Lurgy completely.

> I caught a movie with Diz on Monday night - Enchanted. It was actually kind of fun, and considering some of the shit I've seen at the movies lately (Beowulf and Hitman, their names are poison on my lips!) it was a fun diversion for two hours! The movie actually could have been a neat little satire but it WAS a Disney film, so ultimately the ending was still an unsurprising 'happily ever after' - a concept that the first 3/4 of the film spent debunking. Shame, shame, shame, but fun anyway. I was never that keen on McDreamy in Grey's Anatomy but he was likeable here.

> Coffee Night at AFK Cafe tonight was an interesting one. The place was packed with gamers and I ran into various people I knew, but our group was relatively small: just me, Hammond, Adders, Kelly and Diz. And what I find is that when a smaller group gets together, the conversation stays centralised and Plans tend to be Made. And so they were tonight.


> Come midyear, the five of us mentioned above will be hiring two Wicked Campers, all taking two weeks off work, and roadtripping down to the snowfields in Victoria. We've examined the hire fees, done the math and it works out INSANELY affordable. It means roughing it a little - I'll be sleeping in one camper with Hammond and Adders, completely cramping their style, and the girls will be in the other.

That reminds me - we're looking for another person to accompany us in Camper #2, post here if interested; you must be okay with roughing it a little and reasonably comfortable with all of us as we'll be in close quarters for two weeks. Diz has a friend who may be interested but we've got no definites yet, so leap in if you're keen! The camper hire for the two weeks comes to a ridiculously low $275 per person - so that's transport AND accomodation for the entire trip covered right there. Additional costs will be fuel (split between 3 people per van) and activity costs (snowboarding, the zoo, and anything else we do while away). All in all I can see us getting away with paying roughly $800 each for the entire two-week excursion and being able to do EVERYTHING WE WANT TO for that price. The vans include kitchens so we can take groceries and cook rather than paying for meals.

The idea behind taking two campers is that the hire on a 5-person camper is ridiculous (and Wicked doesn't offer them at all), and we like the idea of being able to temporarily split into two groups if there are things that some of us want to do and others don't. One thing we're all keen to do is visit the Plains Zoo in Dubbo on the way down. I think Hammond wants to drop in on his parents, and come to think of it, I wouldn't mind a brief stopover in Melbourne to have a few drinks with Roy and Ruby either.

So that's something to really look forward to. By midyear I'll have more than two week's leave accrued, and everyone else is in a position where they can take the two weeks time from their various jobs too. The last road trip I took with Hammond was completely made of awesome. We're already at the booking phase of this plan so as soon as we find Person #6, it's going to happen.

There is no disputing the fact that this is going to be AWESOME.
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In regards to my previous entry, and The Plan... THIS, my friends, is but one example of the awesomeness that is Wicked Campers.

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I made my New Year's Resolutions some time ago. What I'm going to do now is something I probably don't do often enough: I'm looking backwards instead of forwards. Last year was a bit of a mess. I'm going to try to put into words what I learned from it. This isn't dick-swinging or preaching because these lessons just apply to me, personally, and I know these things are different for everyone. I dealt with a lot of bad things in 2007, many of my own creation; these are the good things that I want to take away with me.

- A person (friend/lover/colleague) is either naturally compatible with me or they're not. If they're not, I shouldn't try to change them or myself to close that gap, because it won't work.

- When I realise I'm not compatible with someone, I shouldn't drag things out in the hope that they'll change. They won't.

- Love is NOT enough to make a relationship work.

- Not all relationships are based on love. This is okay.

- I need to learn when it's appropriate to fight for something and when it's appropriate to just let it go.

- I shouldn't be so fast to judge others, especially if I've never done what they've done and seen things from their point of view.

- I can't change how I feel, but I can change how I act.

- I kind of like being single. When with a partner I have a tendency to always ask them what they want to do, where they want to go, and make my plans based on that... This way, I can do what I want, when I want, without feeling as though I'm putting someone else out.

- I miss sex but can live without it. Should I want it, I can find it. Knowing that for sure for the first time in my life suddenly makes it a whole lot easier to go without.

- If I'm ever in as deep a depression as I've been over the past few months again, I need to seek therapy as soon as possible... not afterwards, when the depression is waning and I've already done damage to myself and others.

- I will NEVER turn down an opportunity, even when I think I'm not qualified. Everything good I've ever done, professionally, has been because I took risks and accepted jobs I knew I wasn't quite qualified for, then just learned like crazy on the job. The best way to grow is to toss yourself headfirst into a position where you HAVE to grow to get by.

- If I'm involved in a shitty situation, I need to take charge and deal with it in the way I think is best, not defer to the judgment of others when I know full well I'll share in the fallout from their choices.

- Sometimes taking action is NOT the answer. Sometimes the best solution is just to sit back, do nothing, and let things develop as they will on their own. (This has been a tough one for me to grasp; when I see a problem I immediately want to make solutions! When read with the above point, working out which lesson applies to the scenario I'm facing can be tricky.)

- I should never be afraid to speak up for what I want, especially professionally. More often than not it pays off, and when it repeatedly doesn't, I know I'm in the wrong place.

- I need to stop being afraid to speak about personal things with friends.

- Conversely, I need to make sure I never rely on one friend too much to help me cope when I'm going through something that really requires the ear of a trained professional. That's not a burden that should be placed on a friend.

- I need to stop being a victim.

- Everything changes.


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