Jan. 10th, 2008

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I just saw the greatest thing ever. Friend/coworker Viv ([livejournal.com profile] scoutlostthewar) and I are watching 'Love, Actually'. Cue the scene where Hugh Grant's Prime Minister starts dancing around his house to 'Jump'. Viv leaps from her seat and starts dancing along, step for step. Music number ends. Viv sits down, flicks back her hair, heaves a satisfied sigh and says, "Well, my day is made."
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Our new lease is to be signed by February 10th. So the good news is that the landlord wants to keep us. The bad news is we've had a rent hike of $20/week, also effective on Feb 10th.

I just sent the real estate an email stating that we'll accept the hike and sign the lease under the following conditions:

- Landlord installs a dishwasher (we don't mind if it's secondhand, and knowing him, it will be)
- They move our rent due date back three days to Monday fortnightly. This is payday for Kim and I and will make budgeting more convenient.

And I promised the following concession from us:

- We'll hire a gardener. (Gotta get that contact info from Hammond's flatmate when she gets back from overseas...)

I figure that'll keep everyone happy and we'll feel like we're getting value for our extra $20/week. As for the gardener, I've tried taking down those weeds alone and after half an hour I'd only made a small dent. It's going to require someone with poison, know-how and big muscles. Also, I think the passionfruit vine is coming to get me.

I wouldn't want to move anyway. The rental market out there is HEINOUS right now. Out of curiosity I searched 'West End' to see if there were any other large houses for manageable rent and came up with nothing. We've got a pretty sweet deal here.


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