Jan. 15th, 2008


Jan. 15th, 2008 09:04 am
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I got my promotion. Training starts tomorrow; official switchover, new hours and raise effective sometime mid to late Febuary.

AFK tonight, guys. :)

I have received the Cheezburgers of Life.
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Nami is on Kelly's computer chair again. Nami will always be on Kelly's computer chair. I have accepted the fact that someday when Kelly and I move on to separate living arrangements, Nami will go where the chair goes.

I should have been asleep for the past three hours, but insomnia's been a bitch the last couple of days, primarily because I haven't gotten around to (impossibly badly) tinfoiling my windows again, and my room remains too light to make sleep easy, even with the numerous pillows and towels heaped over the window. I was giving the whole sleep thing another concentrated effort when the phone rang, I wandered out to get it, and it turns out Dad is nearby and wants to have lunch. I can't turn down lunch with my dad, who I have not visited in three months. So no sleep for me 'til a little later, I fear...

Humble request of Kim or Kelly, and/or Hammond, whoever is here tonight pre-AFK: Can you shake me out of bed around 6:30pm? I'll have my clothes laid out and ready to pull on so we can be out the door in minutes.

Dad will be pleased to hear that I have been promoted, and am no longer considering checking myself into the Mater. 9_9 Big improvements all around!

I wonder where Chris is right now?

I wonder if I'll have time to grab some Frontline anti-flea stuff after lunch with Dad?

I wonder if it's a good idea to try to cram that in as well, when tonight is my first "pretend Supervisor" shift?

I wonder if it's normal to hear "Stuck in the Middle With You" on the radio and get a fit of Tarantino-related giggles...


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