Jan. 16th, 2008

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My right shoulder from my neck down to my lower back is on fire. This has been coming on for days. I took two of something with coedine. It's a fairly busy night here but as soon as I chew through a few more emails I'm going to lie down somewhere dark and quiet for my break and be very, very still for a while.

In nicer news, today was a mixture of good things...

It started with Kim and I having an obnoxious conversation about dodgy webcomics on the bus this morning. Halfway home I glanced up at the glass behind the driver and saw the reflection of the woman sitting behind us pretending not to listen, and from that point on watching her added +10 entertainment value to an already entertaining discussion.

Then when I got home I couldn't sleep, Dad called up, we got lunch, and we updated each other as to everything that's been happening in our lives. I don't keep secrets from my parents, but Dad tends to get the gentler, shorter version where Mum gets the play-by-play.

Joe and I are settling back to normal (insofar as that word ever applies to either of us!) friendship, and I wasted no time in mocking him for his de-ageing photos on Facebook, which led him to reference 'The Picture of Dorian Grey' - yeesh, I don't need to insult Joe, he does it himself!

So I saved my insults for Adders tonight at AFK, and he lapped them up and begged for more. He and Hammond have started a campaign to bring back the word "bumjack". Good luck with that, guys. I don't know what was in the air at the AFK gathering tonight but the zingers were FLYING. Also, Greg and Elizbeth came along this week, and are doing a games night at AFK on Thursday, and I realised this makes me triple-booked as I already tentatively told one friend I'd meet him for coffee and told a couple of others I'd be at 'Cloverfield' at Southbank. D'oh!

I think the coedine miiight be slowly kicking in, but I have to stop typing... the burninating, it burns me.
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I am becoming more excited about this supervisor thing. Kim showed me some of what I have to do last night, and whilst there is a lot to learn, it doesn't feel nearly as scary as learning what I've already learned for this job. I'll switch onto supervisor shifts earlier than I thought, apparently... looks like my first ones are at the end of January now.

I've been doing lots of happy daydreaming about the campervan / snow / roadtrip.

Also, last night my shoulder pain compelled me to buy a pack of Malteasers and eat half of them, which my stomach is complaining about now, but I'm not too concerned - I've been really into the walking thing again this past week and I've done around 14km in the past day alone.

Having triple-booked myself for Thursday night, I have naturally left myself with absolutely nothing to do tonight (Wednesday). So I'm going to have a Domestic Night in with Kelly, watch some Penn & Teller, wash the giant stack of dishes Chris and Jess kindly left for us, put through a load of washing - just potter in general. In the spirit of a happy, clean household I finally got Revolution flea & tick treatment for the cats this morning and have just put it on them all. Nami was Not Happy. Jangles is already looking twitchy. I'm pretty sure if I stare at his white fur hard enough I'll see fleas scrambling around in there screaming "OH GOD, THE SKY IS FALLING!"

Also, he keeps deliberately switching off this monitor with his butt, so I think he's trying to tell me to get to bed. Good night/day/whatever!
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Hammond is coming around to kidnap Kelly and I and drag us to his place to eat stir-fry and watch Clone High with he and Adders.

Oh noes! But I was SO looking forward to staying home and doing those dishes... *grin*


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