Jan. 18th, 2008

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So I saw Cloverfield tonight with Simon, Jason, Nick (the first ten minutes), Gareth, Vicki's ex-flatmate Elanor, her friends, and Joey.

We met at AFK Cafe first, where I split my time between meeting up with a Facebook friend, and saying quick hellos to Greg and Elizabeth D and co (looks like our Tuesday nights are about to get even bigger, YES!), and Joe showing me a bit of Portal followed by a slightly exasperated demonstration on How To Use Your Phone, Fool. His phone is freaking identical to mine and it's messing with our heads. Difference being, he read the damn manual, so his already does cooler stuff.

I'm not going to say much about Cloverfield. If you're going to see New York being trashed, you won't be disappointed. There are quite a few funny moments (some intentional!) in there. I didn't mind the handicam too much. Nick hated it and left after the first ten minutes. It was briskly paced and didn't drag. It wasn't fabulous but it also wasn't awful... basically, it's pretty much what you're expecting it to be. Assuming you go in with identical expectations to mine. If you don't, well, that's YOUR fault, innit? ;)

Afterwards Joe walked me most of the way to work, and we talked about things both Funny and Heavy, which was nice. He said he's really missed my friendship. I've missed his. For all the awesome friends I have, and all the fullness and happiness of my life now, there is always room in there for his peculiar brand of crazy. He is the T-Rex to my Dromiceiomimus.

However, it looks as though we're still going to take the friendship slowly. Actually, there was a longer version of this journal entry, but for once I think I've said enough. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some asshole Bulgarian poker player to deal with. But first:

Coworker Kayne: "Why don't these players leave me alone?? I'm doing important stuff here!" *he has a marker pen in one hand and a balloon in the other. The balloon has an angryface. THE FACE LOOKS JUST LIKE KAYNE.*

This is how my chat just ended - The Bulgarian wanted to join one of our poker sites which doesn't allow Bulgarian registrations. When I explained this, player wanted the phone number of the company owner. When explained that we couldn't give this info out, he demanded company owner's personal email address. When denied this too, he got sarcastic:

Bulgarian: Ok if i joined to yourwebsite with different country and deposit 5000$ would you close my account?
Tania: If you joined our website pretending to be from a country you do not live in, we would close your account for fraud.
Bulgarian: ok bye

...and he was gone, back into the mists of Bulgaria from whence he came. Passive-agressive victory to me! (That's the only kind we get here, let us enjoy them.)
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...in talking to someone honestly and having them actively listen and respond in a way that shows they're thinking about what you said - even if what you said may or may not make you sound like a douche. This magic that means you can start talking feeling like absolute crap, and twenty minutes later, as the conversation ends, wind up feeling light as a bird.

Thank you both. :)

In other news, tonight is 'Clone High' with Hammond, Adders, Kelly and Joe over at Casa de Hammond, home of the homos and the scariest fucking photograph of HELLHOUNDS I have ever seen. Actually, I think I know someone who'll get a kick out of: A) the photograph itself and, B) my abject terror.

Have I mentioned Clone High here before? Because it's basically fucking awesome. It's also got the very best Sigmund Freud gag I've ever seen. I summed it up verbally for Joe last night, which everyone knows is THE best way to kill an animated gag, and he still died laughing. Clone High's humor transmits through multiple mediums!

And I just wrote 'human' instead of 'humor' so it's bedtime for me.


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