Jan. 19th, 2008


Jan. 19th, 2008 10:56 am
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Tonight, Hammond and Kelly and Joe and I are going to watch MOOFIES on the BIG SCREEN. In preparedness I have hired:

- Next: sci-fi based on a Phillip K Dick story about a guy who can see a few minutes into the future (and thus change it)
- Zoolander
- Galaxy Quest
- Mystery Men
- Chaser's War On Everything: Season One

Obviously there's too much here for one night; I'm specifically thinking Chaser will be a good one to take along to work next week. It's two discs packed full of episodes, and will keep us busy for a while.

After the vids, Hammond will be staying for the night so he, Kelly and I can leave in an organised-ish way tomorrow morning for Big Day Out (for the overseas readers - this is a day-long music festival with a number of stages featuring a succession of awesome bands). I still haven't decided whether to see Paul Kelly or Rage Against The Machine; WHY did they have to be playing at the same time??

Listen, you local mob: Joe's flatmate Kyza has a Big Day Out ticket to sell. So if there's anyone reading who wants to be a last-minute attendee, speak up now and I'll pass it on.

I think I mentioned in a previous entry that coming out of that depression was like coming out of a long illness. After you've been sick a while you really notice your good health, you feel it consciously and appreciate it. I can't help but to take delight in every little thing, from finding a silly old comedy in the video store, to seeing Jangles adjust my monitor contrast with his butt; from those silly Hatching Eggs on Facebook, to the texture of carpet under my toes, to the slow and gentle sleepiness I'm feeling right now.

I'm not saying I never get sad - everyone gets sad sometimes. Sadness is no longer my default setting, though.

Most of all, every morning after work when I crawl into bed and lie still, I appreciate the weight of calm contentment that settles over me like a blanket. For months, all I felt was a real, physical pain in my chest that hurt my throat and locked up the muscles in my shoulder, a dull and constant ache that waxed and waned but never left completely. Even when I was laughing I was still hurting. God, I was cracked. It's so good to be well.


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