Jan. 21st, 2008

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I didn't punch him in the nose, which was always my contingency plan for this situation. But things never pan out as simply as you imagine they will. That's what worries me.
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Title a reference to my favourite Calvin & Hobbes strip, plus yesterday's Big Day Out!

I've just washed down two nurofen with a sugarfree Red Bull in preparation for tonight's shift, so my mental faculties are not at their best right now. So I'll hand over a good chunk of this journal entry to my esteemed BDO companions, friends, and current-and-former housemates [livejournal.com profile] kellycurious and [livejournal.com profile] hammond.

Background for the non-Australians reading: Big Day Out is a one-day music festival held in each state of the country. It attracts acts from all over the world. This year's lineup included bands like Grinspoon, Bjork, Rage Against The Machine, Regurgitator, Silverchair, Midnight Juggernauts, etc.

More background for the non-Australians: A "bogan" is the Aussie equivalent of the US "trailer trash". They have different names in different parts of the country. In New South Wales they're 'Westies', and I know this intimately because unfortunately I grew up as a Westie before my parents got us the fuck out.

[livejournal.com profile] hammond sez:

Speaking of yesterday, I went to my first Big Day Out!. The aggregated tweets mostly speak for themselves as to what we got up to. The only thing that really requires more elaboration is the asshattery from the Rage Against the Machine fans.

Firstly, when were were attempting to nicely get down to the front during Silverchair to see Björk and RATM, they weren't letting many people through as it was packed down the front; understandable. What I don't get is the shoving and yelling when they already knew they won't going to get through. Although, this did result in a nice effect of us being squished in a zombie-esque situation under bright red lights to Freak with everyone chanting the words.

So, we secured an okay vantage-point for Björk and were happily enjoying her when more morons came out to play. We decided to move back further so we could sit and listen for the rest of her set (which was great from what I saw). Cue idiots heckling her perceived crapness from where we were. If you don't like listening to the music, go elsewhere.

It's now time for Rage, everyone gets excited and impatient waiting for them. I could understand some level of impatience if it wasn't 10 minutes maximum that they were waiting. Rage came on and it was briefly awesome. But people wouldn't stop moving. People pushing forwards to get closer, and backwards to get out. There was just so much jostling that you spent so much time focussing on getting out of the way of the idiots and none on the music. So we left, the band that Kelly and I especially, were most excited to see.

Seriously, the worst crowd I've ever been in. Learn some tolerance for other music and other people that are actually there to enjoy the show and not listen to your bogan-ry (shut up, it's a word). Other than that though, it was a fantastic experience!

Hammond's Tweets (mobile phone updates):

  • 10:28 - Traffic, ohnoes!
  • 10:46 - We're playing 'Who looks like Big Day Outers' with the cars around us.
  • 11:06 - Hooray, it's raining! Still not there yet, although traffic is clear now.
  • 11:33 - We're here and it's noisy and awesome and big! - Tania
  • 11:56 - Operator Please in the rain. So cool.
  • 12:06 - Amandah from OP owned the banner-hecklers!
  • 12:35 - Tani and I just had our absolute lives sacred out of us on the Zipper. Now we're seeing Cut Off Your Hands.
  • 13:21 - Positioned well for Faker. Time to reapply sunscreen.
  • 14:17 - Faker proved to be more... Average than I expected. Midnight Juggernauts are starting really strong. We needs more rain... Hot.
  • 14:42 - So much fun when where's actually room to jump around!
  • 14:48 - It's Kelly's greatest dream to touch the giant Australian Flag ball.
  • 15:00 - Whoo! Regurgitator! They're all in white and more awesome live than I remembered.
  • 15:20 - There are some people who should just ALWAYS wear a shirt...
  • 16:45 - Listening to Grinspoon while lining up for free water. Good times.
  • 17:35 - Blue King Brown was great for the brief time we saw them, really funky. On to Arcade Fire now.
  • 17:45 - We've lost Kelly and my phone is having network issues.
  • 18:15 - Wow. Arcade Fire are something special!
  • 19:09 - Tania and I almost died again on the Zipper. This time it was way worse; so many repeated flips!
  • 19:33 - Spent the last half of the Silverchair set fighting to get into the mosh to no avail. Now enjoying Bjork and waiting for Rage!
  • 20:06 - I got a kiss from a random girl, who was giving them out to everyone. Tania and Kelly refused.
  • 20:09 - Guys, I know you're here to see Rage but there are others of us here that like both RATM and Bjork, so don't be dicks about it...
  • 20:32 - Sorry Sarah Blasko, I'm not giving up my relatively safe and comfortable viewing spot to run over and see you. Maybe another time.
  • 21:00 - Rage Against the Machine! I never thought I'd have a chance to ever see this came live. So happy!
  • 21:20 - I spoke too soon. Talk about ruining it for everybody. So instead we're seeing Paul Kelly.
  • 21:26 - I couldn't resist Sarah Blasko. Seeing her last couple of songs and back to Paul Kelly.
  • 22:09 - Hometime now, with ice cream on the way. Lots of fun had by all. (Sorry for the multitude of updates)

  • [livejournal.com profile] kellycurious sez:

    I have absorbed the sweat of 1000 bogans.

    But hopefully my own mind is stronger and I will not develope the sudden need to get my tits out and scream abuse at others I do not find to my liking. So far all appears to be ok.....

    Huzzah, I have been to the Big Day Out and it was 99% fantastic. This is a result I am very happy with - the minus 1% is for the Rage Against the Machine fans who are drunken revolting pigs. I love Rage but I did not love the hoards of obnoxious sub-people they unfortunetly seem to attract. I really wanted to see them but I was not enjoying being stuck in between a bunch of shirtless, sweaty and smelly guys screaming the lyrics. I could not see the band at all and could not hear a great deal either. This to me was not seeing a live act - it was hearing some distant music in an unpleasent enviroment. So we went to see Paul Kelly - he was really good.

    Augie March were all kinds of awesome. I love Augie March now more then ever and will be going to all the concerts of their's that I can. Cut off your hands were also better then I imagined. The whole day was pretty fantastic with only that slight hitch.
    And today I feel tiredness that is expected of me =)

    Tania sez:

    LOL! Just as I finished putting together the above, 'Operator Please' came on the radio! And the track is 'Get What You Want', the same song they were playing shortly after we got there, as Hammond, Kelly and I danced to them in the pouring rain. Awesome... awesome.

    I totally have no photos of Kelly because, so far, she's the only one of us three to upload pics, so I'm raiding hers, and obviously she didn't take any of herself. Lame! Gotta get a bluetooth dongle so I can get the ones from my phone without losing quality...

    These are the things I want to remember about yesterday:

    - Dancing to 'Operator Please', mud spattering my cargo pants, hair sticking to our faces in the pouring, glittering rain.

    Hammond and I, soaked, post-Operator-Please.

    - Being locked into a tiny two-person cage with Hammond on The Zipper, the most frightening, flimsy-looking carnival ride in existence. Essentially they put you into a tiny cage, send you high up in the air, and spin you around a whole fuckload. The timing and number of revolutions performed by each individual cage is controlled purely by chance (and physics, supposedly), so each time you ride, it's different. The first time was scary enough (ever heard a man genuinely scream? I have now; thanks for the experience Hammond!). The second time our cage did about SIX high-speed spins BACKWARDS in a row when we were at the highest point of the overall revolution of the ride. And then it did about the same amount forwards, about ten seconds later. @_@ I've ridden every fucking ride at Dreamworld, Movie World and every carnival I've ever been too, and nothing has come even close to the sheer terror inspired by The Zipper. That, of course, is why we had to go twice. ;)

    I'm a rideoholic.

    Livejournal, meet Zipper. Zipper, Livejournal.

    - There were heaps of big-name acts that day, so I was surprised to find that I got the most out of a group I'd never even heard of before: Midnight Juggernauts. All electronic stuff, which came over extremely well live. Their set was awesome, we were nice and close to the stage, and we danced our ASSES off.

    Midnight Juggernaut. Note our awesome, fairly close-to-the-stage position in the mosh pit.

    - In the mosh pit, people had released huge inflatable beach balls (with the Australian flag printed on them, heehee) which were being bounced all around the place. It became mine and Kelly's goal to whack one of these balls when it came our way. By the end of Midnight Juggernauts' set each of us had managed to leap and hit the balls, and as an added bonus one had whacked me in the head at high velocity, which made me crack up because I barely felt it and by the time I realised what had actually happened it was already halfway across the other side of the crowd.

    - Sitting on the grassy hill, watching the thousands of people milling around. We saw skimpy outfit on hot bods, skimpy outfits on horrible bods, shirtless tanned and waxed bogan men galore - oh yeah, the eye candy was FANTASTIC as long as you didn't think too hard about the contents of the head riding above those wonderful pecs - and a variety of costumes ranging from clever to strange. The extremely muscular guy in the Borat swimsuit was disturbing, because that swimsuit flatters no-one, yet he really did have an impressive butt. *facepalm* Perving on bogan men, I feel so dirty. That said, the complete lack of chest hair on 80% of them did not line up with the natural percentage of chest-hair-less guys, which suggests that most of them wax, which is one male behaviour that IMMEDIATELY cuts a guy out of my to-date list.

    - Off on a tangent: what's with the waxing of the chest hair? Hammond's theory is that it shows off muscles better. I know hairless chests tend to photograph better, but personally I like a little chest hair on a guy. It's cute. It's uniquely male (at least I hope so...). It's fun to play with. Say NO to waxing, boys!

    I'd hoped to see Paul Kelly, dork that I am, but had decided against it when hearing he was up against Rage Against The Machine. We knew we'd have to get in early for a position in the Mosh so we headed for the main stage while Silverchair was still playing (they were to be followed by Bjork and then RATM, so we were two hours early.)

    - There was a fantastic moment, already touched upon by Hammond, when we were herded into this packed little corral waiting to get into the mosh pit while Silverchair were still doing their set. Unfortunately the RATM fans were better-prepared than us, and as we flowed into the corral this massive RED LIGHT went on above us and the gates closed! This could only mean the mosh pit was either full, or getting very close. A moan of disapproval swelled in the crowd around us, and this is when the troubles began. The crowd surged back and forth like a tide, pressed so tightly together that there were at least five people leaning hard against you at any given time. It was hot, hard to breathe, and the sun had set so it was rapidly getting dark. Sweat and booze everywhere. Nobody knew if the gates would reopen or not. If not, the fate was a terrible one: to be stuck in the DRINKING ZONE a zillion miles away from the stage, with all the shitfaced bogan RATM fans too drunk to get into the mosh.

    - Hammond, Kelly and I clung to each other's hands in an effort to avoid being seperated by the crowd, which was washed in a bloody red light from the stop signals above our heads. And then 'Freak' by Silverchair started, and everyone packed in the corral started chanting along to the lyrics in a curiously monotone way. The reddish tinge and the half-naked sweaty bodies, the singleminded attention on the closed gate and the singlemindedness of it all bought back memories of many a zombie movie, and 'Freak' was so awesomely appropriate that we had to laugh, which is interesting when you can barely breathe.

    - Eventually security guards came out and herded us all out of there. Oh noes! We were too late for the mosh! And we were stuck with the drunk bogans! You'd think being further back would mean less crowds and chaos than the mosh, but no. See, in the mosh, they're there to DANCE. The section we were in, most of them were drunk, a lot of them couldn't take the crowding, they were screaming abuse at Bjork because they wanted to see RATM, and even once RATM started the drunk bastards wouldn't stop MOVING through the crowd, so we spent more time dodging staggering idiots than dancing, and could mostly hear the sounds of the guys screaming badly along to the lyrics rather than the music itself. Boo! Kelly snapped first (though I'd been fantasizing about gutting people with a pocketknife for the ten minutes leading up to that) and we decided to go see Paul Kelly instead. Linking hands, we tried to escape the press, and in a way it was worse than being in the corral because we had to snake between hundreds of sweaty near-naked bodies, and it was SO not sexy. Ew ew ew. It took us about eight minutes to fight our way out through the thickest part of the crowd, which doesn't sound long, but is longer than it seems when you feel like you're in a particularly fleshy and visceral part of 'Silent Hill'.

    - Paul Kelly was good and I got to hear 'To Her Door', so I was happy. :) We also snatched the opportunity to get the hell out before the bogans did, and made a clean break to the nearest Nandos for late night foods.

    It was a good weekend in other regards too - Joe was around for most of it (the night and morning prior to BDO, and again this afternoon when he and I went to [livejournal.com profile] quillblade's place to play Portal) - and we chatted more and things are awesome. I think it's reminded us both why we stuck together for so long despite the fact that neither of us could maintain that type of relationship. It is truly refreshing that we're able to spend time together now without wanting to kill each other. ;)


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