Jan. 22nd, 2008

The fuck?

Jan. 22nd, 2008 03:36 am
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Midway through a chat:

Visitor: tania i like you
Visitor: :D
Visitor: do you like my ?
Visitor: :D
Tania: Is there anything else I can help you with?
Visitor: no
Tania: Have a nice day.
Visitor: wait
Visitor: i have
Visitor: problem
Tania: What is it?
Visitor: my herd was brouken
Visitor: my herd was brauken
Tania: I apologise, but I'm not sure I understand. Could you please clarify your question for me?
Visitor: haw all a you
Tania: I'm sorry, but if you have no further questions related to ******* Poker I'm going to need to let you go. I have a large queue of enquiries to deal with tonight.
Tania: Have a good day.
Visitor: i love you
Visitor: bunny
Visitor: ok good by my lova
Tania: Goodbye.

Bless you, hangup button.
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Tonight's been extreme; coworker Kayne had a million phone calls to make so I manned the chat and email lines solo and it went CRAZY. I was doing 6-8 simultaneous chats consistently between 1:30am and 5am. It was actually refreshing. The time flew by and there was enough urgency and mental stimulation that drowsiness never got a look-in.

Quotes of the night:


* "i managed to blow $50 lol!!!" -- Some guy who was actually pretty cool.

* "we wontet to play 2 gays but we have one compiuter" -- Some idiot.

* "no your are the best tania" -- Hooray! Validation!

* "v.yufgvyjiuhkn nbkjkbkbkb jb vhkvb" -- From a guy who'd written in reasonable English up to that point. He vanished right after this. I blame cat-on-keyboard.

* "btw, Do I need to be the card owner? My mom is depositing for me.." -- Boy who turned 18 two days ago.

* This entire chat: (Let me be the first to admit that I was a bit passive-agressive in here. I had five other legitimate customers waiting for attention in other windows.)

[Player comes in asking about their signup bonus. I check and they already have memberships at some of our casinos, which leaves me to explain that they are ineligible for any further signup bonus. I've cut out the start of the chat but they were basically belligerent from the word go.]
Player: so you want me to tell that there is no bonus at all???
Player: this upsets me strongly
Tania: There is a bonus. You received it when you signed up to the first casino in our group.
Tania: As I explained above.
Player: how could i konw which casino belong to the group
Player: Madam this is not corect at all
Tania: I again refer you to the Terms and Conditions, which are clearly linked to in the advertising.
Player: in your advertising theré is no hint at all
Player: so which bonus will you offer me
Tania: You will notice that here on the promotions page, it reads: "For further information, please check out our Player Terms and Conditions."
Tania: It says this twice, both times with links to the Terms & Conditions.
Player: Tanja this is not very helpfull
Tania: I'm sorry that you did not read the Terms and Conditions, but as we requested it on the website, we cannot take responsibility if you did not follow the request. I apologise for the inconvenience.
Player: i dont need a lesson in terms but i want to get treated as customer understood?
Tania: I apologise for the inconvenience.
Player: so if not the welcome bonus aplies there certainlly will be an oother bonus
Tania: Unfortunately I am constrained by the system and am unable to offer you any kind of bonus at this stage.
Tania: However, we have our usual VIP bonuses which every player is eligible for.
Tania: Essentially, in this program the more you deposit and play, the more bonus you build up.
Tania: Full details are available here:
Tania: [link]
Player: so to end this why dont you offer me 5 Euro bonus
Tania: I'm afraid I am not authorised to do that.
Tania: I apologise for the inconvenience.
Player: this would be few but i would accept
Tania: I appreciate your generosity, however, I am not authorised to offer you a bonus at this stage.
Player: then let me talk to your supervisor
Player: i want accept this at all, indeed
Player: who else is authorised
Tania: I am the supervisor on shift.
Player: and you do a very bad job


* I'm not sure why I find this one funny:

Player: repudiation???
Player: what the heck is that

It's the sound of iron bars clanging down between you and your account, lady.

Oh gamblers of the world. Don't ever change.


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