Jan. 23rd, 2008

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She walks past an unused white billboard on her way home from work every day. Someone has left their mark on it, three words spraypainted in loopy silver letters: EVERYTHING WAS BEAUTIFUL.

It's a bittersweet thing to see each day, and she loves it for how it makes her feel.

He sits on the train on his way to work every day and watches out the window. A graffiti artist has left their words on the wall beneath a bridge in spiky black: ARE YOU HAPPY?

Every day his fingers itch for a marker and the chance to write beneath it: "Define 'happy'."

Aww shit!

Jan. 23rd, 2008 08:15 am
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Heath Ledger is dead.


He separated from his wife in September, and it looks like he killed himself with presciption pills.

Man, I fucking love loved Heath Ledger. What a rare breed: a male Australian A-list actor who wasn't a complete tosspot.

Bad juju in the air today...


Jan. 23rd, 2008 08:48 am
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When I switch to Supervisor shifts at work in February, I'm using my first four-day weekend to finally go visit mum, who is taking that Monday off so we get three days together. I told her I stay up late and sleep the day and that she'd have to be man enough to stay up late with me all weekend. Her SMS reply:

"I am cossing off monday 18 in my dairy already and i am WOMAN enough 2 stay up late with u. Look 4ward 2 quality time with u. Luv u."

Parental texts: extremely cute.

I was all down about Heath Ledger, so Joe cheered me up with a giant bee. Apparently this morning I have the emotional attention span of Sawyer. Observe - four minutes in a typical Sawyer day:

5:01pm - *gets beaten around* OH NOES! D:
5:02pm - *cuddles* BRRRR... BRRRR... BRRRR... :D
5:03pm - I'm hungry!
5:04pm - Now I'm pewping in teh corner! Xo

Tonight is vegetarian foodstuffs with Elizabeth C at the Forest Cafe, followed by delicious mocha for me and chai for her at the Three Monkeys, and then work.

Tomorrow night is Sweeney Todd at Southbank Cinemas with Hammond.

Friday is... I have no idea yet. Potentially video night with Joe.

Saturday is a lock-in at AFK Cafe with Kim and Michael (Elizabeth D's brother)

All good. I should sleep soon. Or eat. If I don't do one, I'll have to do the other.


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