Jan. 24th, 2008

30 Things

Jan. 24th, 2008 01:03 am
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My gorgeous flatmate [livejournal.com profile] kellycurious has decided, at age 27, to cheerfully kickstart her midlife crisis by creating a list of "30 Things To Do Before Age 30."

I will be 26 this April but am not yet ready for a midlife crisis. Flatmate Kim started his some time ago ([EDIT] "Age twelve," he informs me gravely), so with multiple crises going on around me I'm happy to chill and watch others suffer. Plus I find tighter deadlines are better motivators. Nevertheless, I'm starting the list now just for fun (it beats the other list I'm considering posting and haven't to date due to privacy issues, which is "Uncommon Fetishes I Have Partaken In Via A History With Boys of Unusual Tastes".)

Ideas so far, in no particular order:

1. Pwn someone with a snowball (I've never seen snow.)
2. Skydive... for the third time (can I add something to the list I've done before?)
3. Legitimately kick a deserving guy in the nuts
4. Have a threesome (f/m/m, though someday I'd like to try m/f/f too)
5. Road-trip my way through every state of Australia (this may be done over multiple trips)
6. See the Jenolan Caves
7. Travel to the U.S.
8. Travel to New Zealand
9. Sing in front of people (this one terrifies me, which is why I should make myself do it)
10. Scuba dive
11. Change a diaper (I admit I've never done this and I feel it's an experience I should have.)
12. Reach and maintain 54 kilos weight (3 to go)
13. Write and publish a book
14. Own my own home (mortgage-free - I'll be thrilled if I do this before age 35, actually)
15. Become financially independent - ie, work by choice, not necessity (I have a couple of ideas on this but no solid Plan yet. I'll be pleased if I make this by age 40.)
16. Hopefully have my first child, or at least become a part of the life of someone else's.
17. Live with [livejournal.com profile] tengukun in the World's Most Alternative Share House.

Items 1 through 12 are all easy and will almost certainly happen, with the possible exception of #3. Items 13 through 17 are far more complex and are just pipe dreams at this point. I need 12 more items to fill up the list and I could be forgetting stuff; any suggestions?
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Sweeney Todd: AMAZING. Best movie of '08 so far (okay, so there hasn't been much competition yet.) The plot was fairly predictable but well handled, and it was more solid plot-wise than most Burton films. And being a Burton film it looked fantastic.

Apparently Juno is good too, gotta get around to seeing that.

I'm too wasted on caffeine to write more, but I've spent most of the day with Hammond and Joe and I'd forgotten about the kind of conversations the three of us have whenever we spend time together. Bizarre. Flashbacks to the good ol' days at Heidelberg Street. :)

Me, Kim, Joe and Hammond are all going to the all-nighter at AFK on Saturday night.

Also, I missed out on a crapload of sleep this arvo (I blame you, Joe.)

Caffeine crash... uuurrgh...


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