Jan. 25th, 2008


Jan. 25th, 2008 01:58 am
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OH MY GOD. I TOTALLY HAVE MONDAY OFF! A public holiday rostered onto a public holiday, who knew?? If the DevMeet isn't ridiculously early in the A.M. I'm going to drag myself along to that, and... I have no idea what else yet, but I'll think of something. Volunteers for a day of [insert fun idea here]?

Work is quiet tonight, and we're watching what is possibly my all-time favourite movie: Pleasantville. The movie is a celebration of the beauty of imperfection.

Hammond, Joe and I had typical Terrible Trio conversations today as we went to AFK Cafe, had dinner, went to the movies, then went back to AFK Cafe. Put the three of us together for any length of time and we generate a certain level of harmless insensitivity toward our fellow man. I still frequently miss our bizarre housemate days, when every evening was filled with snack-gathering wanderings and rambling speculative conversation.

[We are discussing the unpredictable effects of physical, violent loss of small amounts of brain tissue.]

Joe: So after the accident, this guy lost the ability to form short-term memories.
Tani: Like in Memento.
Hammond: Or that movie with Drew Barrymore.
Tani: '50 First Dates'? ...eyeah, but I'm guessing Memento handled it more realistically.
Joe: Yeah, like that. He could remember everything leading up to the accident, but every day afterwards his short-term memories were wiped clean. And his father died in the same accident, so every day he had to find out his dad was dead and it was like finding out for the first time.
All: *think on this for a moment*
Tani: You know... if it was me I'd just tell the guy his dad was away on a business trip and would visit him tomorrow. Then he'd never have to know.
Hammond & Joe: *laugh*
Tani: What? It's KINDER that way!
Joe: I'd find a more cruelly creative way of breaking the news each time.
Tani & Hammond: *laugh harder*
Joe: Well, it's not like he'd remember the next day.

[Some time later, on the same topic...]

Joe: Then there was this one guy who tried to shoot himself in the head, but he aimed wrong and just skimmed through one side of his skull. Took out a chunk of the language center of his brain, and from that point on he could still understand speech just fine, but the only word he could say was 'tan'.
Tania: 'Tan'? Seriously?
Joe: T-A-N. Tan.
Hammond: Tan tan tan tan tan. Like a Pokemon!

And seeing as I'm recapping life, have some retarded work-chat recaps too!

Player: oh can i get another invite on [finance website]
Tania: Do you already have one?
Player: well its locked
Player: for some gay reason

[same player, later]

Tania: Also, can I please have your account number so I can check your *** *** records?
Player: yes shut_that_shit_up_ho@****.com

[same player, later]

Player: i dont get atleast 1 bonus point or anything
Player: ok last time i lost 20 dollars on the site and didnt get 1 point or what so ever towards my pending bonus can you explain that?
Tania: What games did you play?
Player: no limit hold em
Player: or tournaments.. and i dont get any bonus
Tania: Points in poker games are allocated based on rake.
Tania: If you need further specifics on how the points system works you need to email our VIP managers at ***@****.com.
Player: i should get alteast get a point
Tania: You will need to ask them that question.
Player: i understand the rake
Player: but i still didnt get any rake out of it
Tania: You'll need to talk to the VIP managers for more information on how rake and points interact.
Player: well
Player: you cant see why i wasnt able to get a point
Player: out of it or what
Tania: Rake is a specialised subject that the VIP managers handle. I do not want to give you incorrect information.
Player: cant you contact them over the intercom
Tania: Currently our VIP managers are not in the office. You will need to email them for more information.
Player: oh
Player: can you send me 2 dollars?
Tania: No.
Player: im broke
Tania: I'm sorry to hear that.
Player: i live under a bridge
Tania: That is unfortunate. Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Player: i lost all my life savings because of battlefield
Player: just kidding ok bye


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