Jan. 27th, 2008

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Um... no cake for me. Maybe I can have it as a birthday cake instead? I beseech you, Diz!

1. Pwn someone with a snowball (I've never seen snow.)
2. Skydive... for the third time (can I add something to the list I've done before?)
3. Legitimately kick a deserving guy in the nuts
4. Have M/F/F threesome
5. Have F/M/M threesome
6. Road-trip my way through every state of Australia (this may be done over multiple trips)
7. See the Jenolan Caves
8. Travel to the U.S.
9. Travel to New Zealand
10. Sing in front of people (this one terrifies me, which is why I should make myself do it)
11. Scuba dive
12. Change a diaper (I admit I've never done this and I feel it's an experience I should have.)
13. Reach and maintain 54 kilos weight (3 to go)
14. Write and publish a book
15. Own my own home (mortgage-free - I'll be thrilled if I do this before age 35, actually)
16. Become financially independent - ie, work by choice, not necessity (I have a couple of ideas on this but no solid Plan yet. I'll be pleased if I make this by age 40.)
17. Hopefully have my first child, or at least become a part of the life of someone else's.
18. Live with [livejournal.com profile] tengukun in the World's Most Alternative Share House.
19. Travel to Europe
20. Travel to Africa
21. Travel to Egypt
22. See a shuttle launch
23. Go to the Museum of Modern Art, New York, and see Van Gogh's 'The Starry Night'.

The crossing-out of Number Four )

I'm currently sitting in AFK for an all-nighter with Hammond and Joey. Right now we're on the computers playing various games, and earlier we were on the X-Box playing Mashup, which is like the old Sega 'Micro Machines' game for grownups. So much fun! Lego Star Wars is being played on a screen behind me, and there's a heck of a lot of Wii action going on in front of the big projection screen across the room. Someone is organising a Portal time trial... the benchmark to beat is 50 minutes for the ENTIRE GAME. And in the morning, there'll be a big cafe breakfast for us all.

This is the awesomest cafe in the world... life is good.

Forget this "Australia Day" nonsense! Every year from here on in, Jan 26th shall be known as Threesome Day!


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