Jan. 29th, 2008

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I've been thinking about the phrase (oh, alright, the cliche) "icing on the cake".

Great icing won't save a cake that sucks... a cake with missing eggs, or the wrong type of flour; a cake too dry or too soggy or burned or undercooked.

A great cake, however, is a great cake even without icing... but the icing makes it a zillion times better.

I got my cake perfect just in time for the icing to go on. Like much else in my life, the timing was tight, but it worked out. Had this happened weeks before it would have been a mess; a potentially good cake taken out of the oven just a bit too soon.

I apologise for making you sit through another of my atrocious metaphors. :D

Today Kelly and I are going to Ikea where I'll be looking at getting bookshelves for my room. After that, I've got a stack of increasingly evil-smelling dishes to deal with, and some housework and errands. Having the best weekend of your entire life doesn't leave much room for getting the practicalities done.

There are ants in my Doritos. I wish I'd noticed this BEFORE I started eating them.

After a weekend spent pretty much entirely in bed, I'm really looking forward to my work-walks this week and am going to eschew buses completely to make up for my laziness. I feel great though; this weekend was indulgent and probably arrested my weight loss temporarily, but I feel great, and if there's one thing I've seen again and again it's that the way you're feeling on the inside really makes a huge difference to how you look. I've been told I'm "glowing".

AFK Cafe tonight!

Life couldn't possibly be any more amazing. Actually, I lie, it could be - my pay could have come into my account already, dangit - but yeah. Life is good. I apologise for my uncharacteristic vagueness but I have a habit of jumping to conclusions, and for once in my life I don't want to write "in the future" - I want to write about things I'm absolutely certain about. So when I'm certain, you will be too.


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