Jan. 30th, 2008

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Little things are good. For instance:

- Walking home in a sun-shower and steaming humidity, sweat and rain mingling on my face, seeing a rainbow gradually brighten in front of me (you were right, Simon, the sun is at my back when I walk.)

- Noticing with amusement that my lengthy journal entries get a handful of comments, while Joe writes a two-line entry containing the word "breasts" and gets inundated with a dozen comments debating the comparative benefits of girl bits v boy bits.

- Drinking down an ice-cold peach iced tea straight from the fridge.

- Walking to work with Joe last night, having a grumble over something not-very-good that happened in Melbourne that still bothers me, and having him stay up late to chat with me online about it, after which my grumpiness gradually evaporated.

- Worst service-station cheeseburger ever. It was... an experience. The texture was much what you'd expect if a toothless little old man had pre-gummed it for you.

- The Japanese Peace Lily I bought myself yesterday, and am determined to keep alive. His name is Nicholas... after Nicholas Angel. [/happygeek]

- Dinner and coffee with Elizabeth D (Greg's Elizabeth - I really must use a better method of differentiating the two Elizabeths in here!) tonight at the Monkeys.

- Jangles squeaking at me. His voice never did break, bless his little paws.

- The heavy rain outside right now, which kindly waited for me to get safely indoors before it started, and will shortly lull me to sleep.

- This picture of Hammond, who got caught in the same rainfall I did:

AWW HAMMY! You're a gorgeous little drowned puppy!! I could just eat you!

Showertime, bedtime! Both thoughts fill me with glee. :) :)


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