Mar. 2nd, 2008

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The work meeting was postponed 'til Tuesday, but it's not looking good! It's reasonably safe to say I'm back on the job market.

In dating, however, I'm officially off the market - Joe and I are back together. Which, y'know... anyone with eyes who has seen us in person for the last couple of weeks probably could have guessed, but I thought I should save confusion, so consider this your 'press release'. :) Those of you I love dearly got messages from me already. And then there was the Facebook update. Oh, the painfully technological world we live in...

We've both changed a lot. I won't speak for Joe (other than to deepen my voice and say: "I'm Joe Ford, and I smell!") but on my end the absence of my old fears is the defining factor that allowed this to happen. It's hard to be afraid when the worst happened and you survived it and came to realise you'd be okay, no matter what. I plan to carry that newfound knowledge with me for the rest of my life.

Today we're having Greg and Elizabeth D and the other new-gaming-regulars over for more geekery, with the addition of Hammond and Adders, and fun will be had by all! The bags of Doritos on the table sit there in silent testament to the fact. They lie in wait, patiently, ready to unleash their cheesy goodness upon us all.

Last night was a banquet of Turkish food at a Southbank restaurant with Joey, Hammond, Adders, Kelly and Karen. The six of us click well as a group and we had so much fun that we extended the night into a rainforest walk, and then to ice cream, and then back to my place to sprawl all over my bed and play Killer Bunnies (which is a card game, you sleazes) and Pictionary. We didn't finish 'til 1am.

I've applied for three jobs already, and am impatiently waiting for Monday so I can do a followup call for one.

Life is good. :)


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