Mar. 3rd, 2008


Mar. 3rd, 2008 10:17 am
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It's been weird not working for the past week. The upside is I've had the chance to do stuff like an off-the-cuff visit to Hammond's yesterday; the downside is that I've been eating more junk because I don't have access to my carefully chosen Work Foods and thusly have gained about a kilo. Luckily half of that is almost certainly period bloat. Back on the Good Behaviour Wagon now!

So tomorrow, the teetering axe over our heads at work (probably) falls. The best I'm hoping for at this stage is some kind of small severence payment (at least enough to cover the cancelled shifts) to give me a few days jobhunting grace before I have to approach Centerlink. Ugh... Centerlink. Last time I was out of a job I became a freelance illustrator for six months, mostly so I didn't have to accept their backhanded charity.

I postponed my first therapy session today, to next Monday. This'll allow me time to see if I can afford it. 9_9 Also, I really don't have much to tell them right now. I'm not stressed, I'm feeling good and content and happy, I feel great about my body and myself, etc etc. I'm still going to go, and I know I'll be able to think of small things to discuss, but overall... I'm sailin'! And the best part is that I got there by myself.

Funny how a relationship came back into my life so soon after I stopped needing one. Ain't that always the way.

So today, I'm pottering about doing washing and tidying and arranging the small spare room into a FURNISHED small spare room, with which I am going to lure some hapless QUT or UQ student into living with us. Perhaps someone from the animation program at the QLD College of Arts, their campus is walking-distance too. O SNAP, I JUST HAD A GOOD IDEA. But it requires a small desk/table...

Also, I have a WHOLE bunch of stuff to give to charity but most of it is too heavy to carry down there, and they don't do pickups for anything smaller than furniture. Dammit...


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