Mar. 4th, 2008

Le chop

Mar. 4th, 2008 10:54 pm
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The axe fell officially at work today and we're all out of a job, but the severence payment was more than I expected - especially as I somehow read the figures on the printed statement wrong, thought that a second amount shown was included in the first, and have now checked my account to realise that they are two seperate amounts. GOOD surprise! I could pay off most of my debt with this, but I have to find a new job first to ensure I won't have to live off it, so for now I'm sitting on it.

Got drunk at the pub with my fantastic workmates after the meeting. I know I've gone on about how nice the working conditions were there, and how suitable the hours were, and how decent the pay was, but really? What I'll miss the most is working with awesome people like Viv and Adrian and Mark and Kayne and Aaron and... yeah, you get the idea. Sadfats. :\

We used the last of the petty cash from work to fund our pub session. At one point we only had 5 and 10-cent pieces left and the bar manager refused to take those, so Joe (who rocked up after uni to join us), myself and Aaron drunkenly went to the Westpac bank and poured a small plastic bucketful of silver coins onto the counter to be converted into notes. Notes which funded another round for everyone. :D

I sent in an application today for a job I found on Seek which is just perfect down to the last detail - perfect type of work for me, perfect location, promising-sounding salary level, and I fit every last one of the selection criteria. Oh my god, I'm totes getting this job even if I have to hunt down and kill every other applicant one by one! I'd post a link here but I feel like that would jinx it somehow. If I land an interview, I'll post the link then.

My motivation now is to get employed as quickly as possible so I don't have to dig into my severance payment at all, and can subsequently use it responsibly AND AWESOMELY.

A rather more naughty, and locked, entry tomorrow. :D


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