Mar. 9th, 2008


Mar. 9th, 2008 11:51 am
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Yesterday, Hammond, Adders, Joey and I leapt in the car on the spur of the moment and motored south. We:

- Drove up a twisting, death-defying mountain road through rainforest, higher and higher while our ears popped and we wondered just how much more freaking mountain there could BE;
- Hand-fed wild lorikeets at O'Reilly's and watched a wild Pademelon (small wallaby) hop through the rainforest;
- Got bitten by a wild Brush Turkey (okay, that was just me);
- Had the rest of our birdseed, complete with paper bag, stolen by another Brush Turkey (uh... me again);
- Climbed to 40 metres above the rainforest floor through a series of creaking suspension bridges, clanking ladders and breathtakingly high metal platforms;
- Drove way too fast back down the mountain as dusk fell with Daft Punk blaring on the stereo;
- Screamed in unison (all four of us) when we rounded a bend in the road and almost ran into a herd of ghostly-white cattle filling the road ahead;
- Stumbled upon an enormous foot-tunnel carved out of the rock, used as a munitions dump in WW2... and given that it was pitch-black, the car was parked ninety meters back down the track and we only had one mobile phone and a small LED torch, we proceeded to scare the pants off each other;
- Drove way out of our way around the perimeter of an enormous tract of Army-owned land in the back of the Gold Coast Hinterland to get to a national park;
- Trekked through the park via a track sprinkled with glow-worms to reach the Natural Bridge, a massive underground waterfall in a cave filled with flitting bats and peppered with glow-worms so thick on the ceiling they look like constellations;

...and came home again. We drove hundreds of kilometers, there's still a clear bite-mark on the palm of my hand, our muscles are sore from the ladder-climbing and we somehow did all of the above between 2:30pm and 10pm yesterday without any kind of game plan beyond, "Hey, let's go see the Natural Bridge!"


Once I've plucked the photos and videos from Joey's memory cards tonight I'll make a photo post.


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