Mar. 11th, 2008

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This was written a few hours ago at UQ St Lucia. :)

Huh, no wireless network on the St Lucia campus? Who knew?

Regardless, a belated hello to LJ-land. I'm writing this from my new ASUS eee-PC, the mini-mini-laptop of awesome. Weighing approximately 900 grams (around 2 pounds) it is the most me-sized piece of hardware I have ever owned. The small keyboard is slowly becoming more natural to use. The small price tag was a BIG surprise. I bought this for myself as a motivator to write: I have now promised myself a complete first draft of my novel by the end of 2008.

Haha, some random guy just came over to ask me about this computer. It sure gets a lot of attention!

So I'm at St Lucia in this little coffee shop adjoining the library, waiting to meet Joe for lunch when his class comes out. I'm in the area thanks to the job interview I just had in Taringa. The interview went really well and the work environment sounds AMAZING, but I don't want to jinx it by saying more at this point. I think I made a good impression – we were all making jokes by the end and Myron, the art director, kept speaking in a kind of 'when' rather than 'if' manner, though perhaps that was just wishful hearing on my part. They have two more interviews to conduct over the next couple of days and will notify all applicants of the final decision by Friday.

Oh yeah, and all their artists use dual-monitor setups with 90% Photoshop use, 10% Illustrator use, and large Wacom Intuos graphics tablets. This is my IDEAL working setup. Also they have free fruit weekly for all employees, in the name of keeping us healthy. There are flexible start/finish times, flexible incentives for employees, and the pay... oh god, the pay... like I said, I don't want to jinx it so I'll shut up now.

The laptop just got another comment from a total stranger, this time one of the waiters. Awesome.

I'm a couple of LJ entries behind – Joe and Hammond covered the National Park Adventure here and here respectively but I wanted to do a photo-post of my own for completion's sake. Also, sooner or later there'll be a locked TMI post from me. There's just so much good stuff happening at the moment I can't keep up. It's funny how my life works like this: when things are bad, everything is bad; when things are good more and more goodness just rains down like manna from heaven until I feel as though I'm leading a charmed life. Maybe this is a gift (or curse) I'm under... another proviso on the 'may I live an interesting life' contract I signed with the universe at age twelve.


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