Mar. 13th, 2008

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I got the job!

I start on Wednesday.

I am now being paid in excess of $10k more than I have EVER MADE IN ANY JOB EVER. And that's just the "low" (their words) three-month probationary wage. My mind is OFFICIALLY blown.

OH MY GOD. I have done the math and I can have my block of land paid off completely in roughly four years WITHOUT skimping financially. That's leaving myself fifty dollars a week for bills, a hundred dollars for whatever the hell I want, and allowing for paying rent at a much higher rate than my current one. Oh man, my stunted but functional mental financial calculator is going NUTS in here.

I have to do so damn good at this job. The conditions are fabulous (among other things, THEY. GIVE. US. FREE. FRUIT. EVERY. WEEK.) and if the company is truly as generous in practice as their contract is on paper, I want to match that on my end by giving them the best I've got.

Quick! Artists! If you have links to any quality tutorials about digital painting (realism, I've got toony covered) in Photoshop, please please toss your links into the comments here! Obviously my sample was good enough that it got me the job, but looking at some of the example artwork they showed me from their own games, I know I can do better. I've never had a reason to strive for greater realism in rendering before but I have one now, so it's time to 'hit the books' (or the tutorial websites, anyway) and amp up mah skillz. What I'm looking for isn't photorealism, but rather a saturated, amped-up realism of the type you'd see in videogames and, of course, poker machine artwork.

Thanking y'all in advance.

So yeah... Joe and I are going to celebrate tonight. Hammond, Adders, Kel, Diz, Richard, anyone - want to join us? I'm thinking it might be time to revisit that fabulous cocktail bar on the waterfront. And with that pesky headache sending me to bed early on Tuesday night, I have some funtime with friends to catch up on!


I think I can make a career out of this job. And then I can write my book on the side - which, incidentally, was what I was working on when the email and call came through just now. And let's see, the best way to get to work will be to walk to the West End Ferry, then walk from the Toowong dock to Taringa... a nice brisk walk twice a day WITH a ferry ride, what could be sweeter? Their start and finish times are flexible so I can do 8am starts and 4pm finishes - freaking sweet! Oh man, I'm going to shut up now and put some clothes on, because I'm in a singlet and underwear and I nearly skipped outside to check the mail wearing nothing but that just now, and really, I'm dangerous when I'm this excited.


So... I guess I'm back in an arts job again. Wow. Considering that entry of just a few weeks ago, the one in which I met another artist on the bus and experienced that old longing to be making my living with a pencil (or a tablet pen anyway) in my hand... this really couldn't have worked out better for me. I hope things work out just as well for all the awesome ex-Fuze people... I know at least two of them have already landed sweet jobs.

OK, seriously, I'm totally going to put on some pants now.


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