Mar. 16th, 2008

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I had a lovely day with Joe - coffee and sandwhiches at 3 Monkeys followed by browsing at Reverse Garbage and then him playing a game while I did more writing and research for the book - and then tonight we got a mysterious phone call from Hammond. "Dress nice," he said, "I'll be around to pick you up in half an hour."

Half an hour later, a Volkswagon Eos convertible pulled up (see Joe's journal here for more info) and Hammond and Adders ushered us in. They had it on loan for the night from their flatmate who has access to awesome cars due to her job. We piled in like a troupe of reverse clowns... but one of us had to opt out because there were only two seats in the back, and Kelly heroically chose to stay home on the basis that she had work first thing in the morning (and ultimately it was a smart choice, because we didn't get back 'til after midnight). But still, we are now bound to do something awesome for her to make up for it! Must think of something awesome.

So we wound up driving around Brisbane a bit with the roof down, playing Daft Punk and enjoying ourselves immensely, then we peeled off to the Gold Coast and drove all around it, stopping for dinner on the way and then stopping at the coast itself to frolic in the same playground Hammond, Adders, Kelly and I visited last time we did a Gold Coast trip. Only this late at night there were no kids. Woohoo! We rode on everything. I believe Joe has photo and video evidence.

The best moment of the night: As we drove slowly through the crowded main drag, a man called out, "Evening ladies-- eeurgh!" I'm pretty sure he caught a glimpse of me and the tousled hair and general prettiness of everyone else in the car, leapt to a very wrong assumption and only realised his mistake when the words were already out of his mouth... His mates probably laughed at him for twenty minutes straight. I sure did!

So yeah, a fun night was had, and now we know how it feels to be a spoiled rich kid! And call me a capitalist pig if you will, but should I ever earn sufficient money that an expensive car ceases to be a pointless and dangerously expensive purchase, sign me up please!
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So there's a crapload of people on my friends list who're going to get excited about this, so guys, this is for you!

I predicted this a couple of years back now. I know, I know, shut up Tania, everyone hates a gloater. But I don't care because I has a case of the happehs! 2D animation is back on the upswing! Walt Disney Animation is hiring again!


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