Mar. 22nd, 2008

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Crap, I can't remember what happened on what day, but happy... um... overall Easter, peeps! Been way too long since I attended Sunday School (I'm sure many of you would emphathetically agree.)

Joe and I are at his parents' farm for most of the long weekend. I got to ride on the ride-on mower. It died OF NATURAL CAUSES on my second lap of the paddock, confirming the effect I seem to have on all mechanical and electronic items. Luckily it was fixed and I'm torn between riding again (because it's ridiculously fun) or staying away so I don't poison it with my apparent anti-technology mutant ability.

We've been trying to fly this helicopter-kite thing I got off Ebay, but the wind has been peskily low, so instead we caught tadpoles (or more accurately, toadpoles) and other mysterious creatures from the Little Dam. Joe wants to go swimming in the Big Dam sometime this weekend, but family friends are rocking up sometime this afternoon, so another skinny dipping session is probably out of the question.

The boy is currently fixing his car, and I've been sitting out there with an investment property magazine, alternating between reading, watching him and having mechanic-themed daydreams. Mmmm... dressups...

I'm also really looking forward to sinking my teeth in at work next week! Astonishing, I know. I think I've been hungry for an artistic challenge and just not realised it...

Huh, the wind just picked up like whoa!

I hope everyone else is having an awesome break too. :)


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