Apr. 16th, 2008

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As expected, Chris and Jess are currently rental-hunting up on the coast as they want their own place before the baby is born.

Not so expected is Joe moving back in. The couple whose spare room he has been renting have run into some personal trouble, and require their spare room back for their own use. So Joe's officially moved back in here - for the time being keeping his stuff downstairs and staying in my room (the latter which has been the case for the past solid month or so anyway) and then taking over Chris's room for his things when Chris leaves. Until he gets use of that room he'll be paying half-rent here and half-rent back at the other place where some of his stuff temporarily remains. This will make rent even cheaper for everyone else living here until Chris moves out. Kelly is over the moon. :)

So all that sounds good, though Joey and I hadn't planned to officially move back in together so soon. In many ways it's an academic question at this point, as we have basically been living together again anyway, but still... it's an unexpected change. We rushed into things the first time we moved in together. This time we're handling this with caution, reserve and respect - tempered with happiness. We've talked about what we're each hoping for and so far it seems like things will roll along just fine.

Oddly enough Joe is more gung-ho about the idea than I am. This is a role reversal: the first time we did this, I was the one viewing things with rose-tinted optimism and Joe was the one wearing hesitation like a cloak. We were on two far extremes of a scale. It seems that we've both taken a few steps towards the middle since then.

We're both very excited about the idea of having seperate rooms for our stuff (not for sleeping... heehee... Joe's not even going to bother putting a bed in his) because cramming the gear of two people into one room was the cause of much stress previously. This way we each get our own personal space, which is good for me as I've become particular about how my room is arranged since my solo period.

The transition of Chris moving out will be a bit of a difficult time. We'll have to work out if there's any furniture or general household gear we need once his stuff is gone. And we'll need to revamp the dishwashing / cleaning schedules. On the upside there'll be loads more space downstairs; on the downside I'll need to buy a new TV for the use of the household. Nice CRTs are dead cheap these days though, and a CRT is all you need.

Last night I went ice skating with the Tuesday Club (Hammond, Diz, Kelly, Joe, et al) and it was awesome! It was my first time but years of skating came to the rescue. I fell over once when, in a fit of overconfidence, I tried doing crossovers around a corner. Today Kelly and I compared bruises and it still hurts to kneel. No doggie-style for me for a while, then. ;D

That reminds me, I want to write a big ol' chatty entry about SEX. Sex is awesome and people don't talk frankly about it nearly enough. I keep meaning to make a filter for that kind of post, so this time I'm actually a-gonna do it, but I'll make a separate post to get that organized.

Tonight Hammond came over again, some Killer Bunnies was played, and me, Kel and Joey had this amazing (and reasonably priced) food from a Tibetan takeout down the road. Definitely going back there!


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