Jun. 10th, 2008

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PMS go bye-bye! ...period start. But like I said, the bleeding is a blessing because it tends to signal a return to my regular, fairly chipper, outlook on life. Also, I inflate like a balloon when I have PMS and then appear to drop a dress size right before I start bleeding, which happened this morning too (even Joe noticed).

Timing could've been better. I felt a bit funny walking out the door this morning, thought nothing of it, got up to the bus stop with a couple of minutes left 'til the bus arrived (read: no time to return home, no bathrooms nearby, and a 25 minute bus trip ahead)... and THEN I started bleeding. I was greatly cheered, however, when a sulfur-crested cockatoo landed beside the bus stop and strutted around for a while, raising and lowering his crest ("surprised... angry... surprised... angry!" I love cockatoos.)

So the plan regarding that troublesome PMS is to go see a doctor - got to find a good clinic in the Kenmore / Indooroo / Taringa area - and buy some B vitamins and multivitamins, with thanks to the advice of [livejournal.com profile] scoutlostthewar, among others.

Working 'til 5pm tonight - there's a rarity - then walking home, then some light housework and box-putting-away, then finishing the claw-clipping job I started on the kitties on the weekend. Beckett developed a love of clawing my couch so I clipped the tips off his front claws when I did all my cats (I didn't want to go the whole hog as I don't know how Richard likes it done). Joe and I subsequently laughed to hear a strange scrambly sound coming from the living room: a confused Beckett dragging his soft and perfectly harmless paws down the side of my couch.

Rumor has it that construction is to begin on Stage One of the cat run this weekend.

Kiiiinda bought Doctor Who Season Two on the weekend. David Tennant is a hottie.

Alien beast (roars): "WHO ARE YOU!"
The Doctor (mimic-roars): "I DON'T KNOOOOWWW!"

Also, Joe and I now have a code-phrase for when we see a nice bottom in public: "Captain Jack" - ala Jack's first spoken line in the show, which was a happily drawled "Nice booottooommm..." Oh god, we're geeky, but this was JOE'S IDEA.


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