Jun. 13th, 2008

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Susie's last entry reminded me - Joe and I don't really celebrate an anniversary! Working out the date we got together is complicated enough, and trying to work out whether the six months spent Not Together should be counted just turns it into an excercise in futility. So instead we buy one another little presents throughout the year. I've noticed I tend toward buying tickets to things for Joe (Doch Gypsy Orchestra, Keating the Musical, Lano & Woodley 'Goodbye' tour, etc) and Joe goes for a mixture of keepsakes and techy gadgets for me, and we both buy DVDs for each other as we like almost all the same stuff.

Joe got a big pay packet from his Perth trip and when I got home last night he'd bought us Season 3 of Doctor Who, and he got me a new memory card for my phone so I don't keep running out of space, and best of all - when in Perth, wandering around the desert surrounding the mine camp, he found a little fossil on the ground. Yesterday he had it made into a necklace for me. It's very cute, I'm wearing it above my snake chain right now.

I am being greatly tempted by Bill Bailey Live tickets at the moment. They're $80 per person, which is heaps... but from past experience I know that by the time the show rolls around I won't be missing the money, and we'll have a fantastic time! Tempting, tempting...

I ran into Vicki, Peta, Simon and co at Indooroo shopping centre last night after work and much catching-up and hugging took place. Then I had to skedaddle to get home, and arrived only to have Joe announce, "OH HAY, LET'S GO SHOPPING!" So we went straight back to the Indooroo shops, walked through the door and promptly ran straight into Vix and co all over again. So that was pretty awesome. :)

Then we bought DVDs, and went home, and watched the rest of Season Two of Doctor Who (baaawwwww... I shouldn't have done that at this time of the month! *sniff* Poor Rose, prose) and much cuddling and giggling at Daleks was had.

All in all, a good night. I'm dead tired today and rather relieved that I finish work at 2.30. Got a party tonight, markets with Elizabeth Saturday morning, Sian's party Saturday night, urban exploration at Alkira on Sunday morning, and creating a cat run on Sunday afternoon with Rick and his parents.

Guess what I will be doing on Saturday afternoon and Sunday night? RESTING. OH YES.

Joe has decided to rejoin the workforce - initially amping up his hours at his current job, then looking around for something full-time. Then we're going to buy a house. Yep. I've always been keen, and Joe, who has looked with interest through the various magazines and websites I visit, seems to have caught the bug too. But it's a big step to take, so I want to do a lot of research and discussing and planning. First and foremost I want to talk to our parents about their experiences, and I'd like to talk with Richard about how it's going for him, and hey - you, yes you, friendly reader! If you're in your mid-twenties and you decided to take the plunge, talk to me. How did it work out for you? Is there anything you'd change?


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