Jun. 18th, 2008


Jun. 18th, 2008 03:16 pm
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No update yet - I don't want to post about Alkira 'til I've got the photos to back it up, and unfortunately without a computer setup I have no way of getting those off my camera. I'm hoping to find my eeePC in the garage after we do housework tonight; it's got an inbuilt card reader.

Upshot: Alkira was awesome. Joey, [livejournal.com profile] greg_merlo and I checked it out and took loads of photos. Some bastard had smashed the piano. We found some crazy x-rays, old documents, spent bullet cartridges (turns out the military has used it for exercises) and interesting grafitti, some from residents back when it was operational, and more extensive works from grafitti artists since.

That was Sunday. On Saturday we spent the day with Elizabeth ([livejournal.com profile] niaid) who is lovely as ever, and then went to a party at Sian's place.

Richard, his dad, Joey and I worked on the cat run on Sunday after Alkira and it's coming along well - I think if we put in some hard yards we might get it operational either this coming weekend, or the one after. I'll put up pics of that too.

Joe and I have been doing the hour-long walk home every evening this week. I'm feeling fantastic, and already looking better. Walking FTW!

I haven't been updating because I'm on the last couple of days of my project here at work and it's keeping me pretty busy. Very exciting times! Looks like I'm going to finish this project exactly three months after I started working here. I already know the theme of the next game I'm doing and it's something even more down my alley than the present one.

All for now, I've got to get back to it. :)


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