Jul. 4th, 2008

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So we wound up seeing 'The Happening' last night - sorry guys, your dire warnings came too late!

The movie itself was forgettable but the situation was awesome: Joe and I were literally the ONLY people in the cinema. We sat in the exact middle prior to the start of the film and speculated about the myriad of creepy things that could happen to two people alone in a giant darkened room designed to seat hundreds.

As to the movie, we can get enjoyment out of almost anything. There were a couple of genuinely creepy moments. Shyamalan is a decent director, he's just a crappy screenwriter. Although I did notice one particular shot stolen straight from Spielberg.

Mark Wahlberg's acting is getting worse at he gets older, what's with that? He was AWFUL, completely wooden. Don't even get me started on the woman playing his wife.

The film felt under-developed... underwhelming in general. At home in bed afterwards, Joey and I dissected it and compared to 'War of the Worlds' and 'The Mist' - two other films with very similar setup and structure - and discussed why those films worked and this one didn't. In a way, I'm really glad we decided to see it - a good film would have been nice, but this one gave us great fodder for a discussion on filmmaking.

In other news, my neck is killing me, Joe and I are visiting my mum this weekend, we got a free Indian lunch at work again yesterday (go work!!) and some sort of tax law change in the new financial year has translated into me getting an additional $30 per pay. How awesome is that?
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I love you, Ryan North. I'm going to move to Canada and marry you. We'll have to get a prenup though. ;D


Jul. 4th, 2008 01:22 pm
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Just a few little things:

Joe is casually looking for fulltime work at the moment (stay with me, this is going somewhere) and because we only have the weenie eeePC hooked up to internets at home, and no printer, I've been helping him out by printing relevant info for him here at work.

Anyway, I'm looking at the application form for a government admin job and near the bottom, under their 'Employment Equity' section (which is where they try to determine whether you're of a minority so they'll look good if they hire you) they ask you to indicate whether you're a member of any of the following groups:

- Aboriginal / Torres Strait Islander
- Australian South-Sea Islander
- People from a non-English-speaking background
- People with a disability
- Women

Women? Seriously?? Wow, I never knew I was at a disadvantage!

...Though I'll admit, Freud aside, having your very own penis 24/7 could be a lot of fun and I'm damn annoyed that I didn't get one. I'll just have to borrow Joe's more often. :D

In other news, we tried to put a roof on the cat run last night and failed miserably, unless you view it from the perspective of the local mosquitos, who had a good feed at our expense. We cocked it up nicely; luckily we were able to undo the mess and all we lost was a couple of hours and fifty or so industrial-sized staples. ;)

The karma gods are scrambling to make up for our disastrous move-out of Bond Street lately by sending lots of good luck and happy coincidences my way, and to those around me too. For example, today Richard texted me ebulliently declaring that rather than forking out hundreds of dollars for a new dishwasher as he'd planned, he now gets a perfectly good one for free from a workmate. Despite the fact that Joe and I have been doing our dishes as we go, the trickle-down effect of having a dishwasher in the house will benefit us - I'll never have to scrub a sticky pan again, woohoo! It'll make it easier to keep the cat bowls cleaner too.

More luck came my way via some sort of tax cut in the new financial year, so suddenly I have an extra thirty dollars per pay to play with. This doesn't sound like much, but I can't tell you how often an extra thirty dollars would have come in handy.

Other budgetary constraints have eased up too, plus I got my group certificate today and realised that between working for nearly-nothing for Interrobang, and periods of unemployment between the two full-time jobs I've held in the past financial year, on paper I've earned crap all and I should get a fairly juicy refund (though I don't yet know how the purchase of the land might affect the outcome there). Assuming it goes well, it should be enough to pay off the personal debt I have, probably with a fair bit left over to cover the land rates that have accumulated on my block on Macleay since I've had it. I'm paying off my credit card out of my regular pay and it's half-done now, and I should be able to squeeze the remaining half out of next pay. I'm pouring so much into my mortgage that the block will be entirely mine in six years if I DON'T increase my repayments any further - but I plan to do so anyway.

It's not all sugar and glee - the final phone/internet bill for Bond Street was almost $200 and the disconnection fee roughly the same again, and Joe and I have decided to cover all that ourselves as at least one of our former housemates is under financial strain. But anyway, that's do-able and it could be a lot worse. :)

OK, so that turned into a long and boring ramble about money, but you guys, those few of you who read this far, here's the deal: we did it pretty tough when I was growing up; public schools and faded school uniforms, sneakers worn 'til they disintegrated (actually, I still do this now), scrimping and saving and watching my parents stress because things were so tight. And I did it tough as an adult, going from one low-paid animation job to another, no travel or holidays - too far out of reach - and at one point sometimes going a day or so without food due to failure to make the money stretch combined with the mistakes almost everyone makes when they first move out of home (for instance, overestimating how much of your income you can throw away in rent)... and now, at age 26, for the first time in my life, everything has eased up. I have enough. I honestly couldn't ask for more. Anything after this is a bonus. And this is the first time I've ever been able to say that.


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