Jul. 12th, 2008

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We had Sarah Grey over yesterday and got drunk (easily accomplished, as I got tipsy at Chris's farewell drinks after work so I was already halfway there.)

Today is a day of quiet for a change; we had plans as per usual but Hammond had to pull out unexpectedly when a friend from interstate came to visit. So we're using the time to get a few little things done - a job application for Joe, a bit of freelance art and personal writing for me - and after that we're going for a nice long walk, possibly followed by a drive... if we can think of anything interesting and inexpensive to do in Brisbane on a Saturday afternoon. Suggestions welcome!

The Tuesday Club is regrouping this Tuesday night. Friday night is work's "Christmas in July" dinner at a German restaurant; I'm having the duck and Joe is having rabbit, which I have to try because I have this unofficial rule that if I am faced with the opportunity to do something I haven't done before, I have to take it. It's a recipe for a richer life. Saturday we're going to Rosa & Mark's place to hang with them, Katie, Chris, JB and whoever else they've wrangled. We're going to watch Batman Begins, then go to the El Dorado cinema to see a screening of Dark Knight.

We've now left the kitchen door open for hours on end and the cats have stayed safely enclosed in the roofless cat run, so it's looking like we can leave it be at that. Probably a good thing, as a netting roof would have always been catching leaves and things.

Finally getting the big TV back next weekend and I can't wait - we've been depriving [livejournal.com profile] scoutlostthewar and others of a long-promised Doctor Who marathon.

Right now I'm going to collapse. PMS-y and exhausted from a night of broken sleep (I had a stomachache), I'm feeling all grumpy and down, so it's probably a good thing we haven't got anything social planned.


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