Jul. 15th, 2008

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Hello Queenslanders. Has anyone been wrestling snail-paced internet this morning? Mobile phone issues?

Rumor has it that someone broke a cable between New South Wales and Queensland, and now Queensland has the mobile phone network and internet of the 1990's.

Slow clap, Australia.

This makes the Simpsons episode that featured the Australian prime minister hanging out in a floating innertube on a dam slightly less amusing.

[EDIT] Apparently us poor sods with Optus have also lost our home phones, fun! Now I'm no longer sure I want to stick with Optus for my services 'til I leave for Canada, and I can't say I wasn't warned. :P It's a moot point, though, as I'm currently leeching all my internet off whoever work is with.

As much as I'm loathe to link to a Courier Mail story, here 'tis: http://www.news.com.au/couriermail/story/0,23739,24022417-952,00.html

[EDIT 2] Aaaand we're back. Outage went for around 6 hours. One consequence I didn't think about 'til shortly before lunch was that all the EFTPOS machines were down too - cash only! Another consequence raised by someone else was that all phone-in alarm systems would have been down; if you wanted to rob a bank, you missed the perfect window today. An interesting addendum is that there's some sort of electricity strike being tossed about for Wed-Fri; if the phones had stayed down we would have been without phones, internet, most banking services, and potentially electricity for a few days. It would have been a really interesting opportunity to study how people get by without those things, and a little wakeup call about how reliant we've become on technology (I address myself from this soapbox too; let's not forget I'm using the internet to communicate this idea!)


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