Jul. 16th, 2008

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Whoa, the year is going fast. I've got to spend that $600 Virgin Airline credit before it expires in November.

Right now I'm debating a couple of options. With $600 I could:

- Cover return flights for Joe and I to Melbourne at Xmas
- Cover return flights for Joe and I to Vanuatu around March next year to see AWESOME VOLCANOES
- Something else for Joe and I within Australia?
- Something else for just me outside (but not too far outside) Australia?

I think I know which one I'm leaning towards... AWESOME VOLCANOES?? :D (Can you believe that Virgin promo fares to Vanuatu are only $158? So... awesome...!

But as clumsily indicated above, I'm looking for other options too. I'd love to go see Uluru but Virgin doesn't seem to do flights there. I'd love to take them up on their new L.A. flights but those are way out of the reach of my puny credit. I'd love to go somewhere snowy, but I'd have to do that either very soon or wait 'til this time next year. I'd like to do NZ, but I'd rather go with Joe or a friend than alone.

Also, I think I'm going to swim with the seals at Underwater World sometime soon, to reward myself for paying off the credit card. I will not be paying for this purchase on credit, of course. Crap, I've got to do my taxes; with those done I'll be able to pay off the only debt I'll have left after my pay comes in today and ELIMINATES MY CREDIT CARD DEBT and then I will be free as a bird!

I found an on-sale book about adventures you can have around Australia (everything from bushwalks through to bungee jumping, skydiving, diving, horse riding, caving, driving, etc) and it's got my blood pumping; I want to make the most of this country before I nick off overseas.

Life's been calm lately and I'm itching for some new adventures. The Jenolan Caves trip is at the end of August... it can't come fast enough!



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