Jul. 21st, 2008

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Thanks for the reminder that my HECS debt is smalltime, you guys. You all have my intense sympathy. o_o

The weekend was intense. We all got very drunk and badly-behaved at my work Christmas-in-July party on Friday night. The highlight was Neil mooning us all while hugging one of the bosses. Joe caught it on film. Dynamite stuff! We laughed 'til we cried and drank the German restaurant completely dry of apple schnapps. COMPLETELY. And then we harassed the German accordion player into playing the Batman theme for us. It was amazing. Oh my god. I love my coworkers so fucking much!

There was other stuff, like the farm, and bushwalking with Joe's mum, and meeting fellow-ex-Disney artist Damian. He worked for Disney Adventures magazine rather than the studio, which is why we hadn't crossed paths 'til now. His sister is called Tanya, so to avoid confusion he just decided to call me Red from the outset. Not the first time I've been called that... I think it's kinda cute. :) This weekend we also had our Batman Day with aforementioned coworkers, all of whom, like me, seem pretty hangover-proof, but the German restaurant was definitely the highlight. We'll never let Neil forget it (which is good, because at present he doesn't actually remember anything after tucking into his giant plate of duck). But yeah... we crammed all that and more into two days and it rocked!

Joe has some sort of flu... aching joints, sniffly nose, the lot. I'm not trying to avoid snogging him (he's extra cute when he's sick); if I catch it, I catch it. I might eat an orange today though.

I drank a coffee at ten and a Red Bull at midday, and got severe headspins a couple of hours later. Coincidence?

Got some freelance work to do tonight, SO NOT TAKING ON MORE AFTER THIS, even though I just love this client. :( Work doesn't leave me with enough time, and what spare time I do have, I'd prefer to devote to my own creative pursuits.

I'm so proud of my digital painting I want to cry. :D I'm enjoying this feeling while it lasts; knowing me, I'll finish the piece and loathe it two days later.

I've been trying to buy an old-school wooden library card-file drawer off Ebay and finally found a double-drawer unit that I really LOVED, but was thwarted by a last-second bidder. I accept that this is karma for all the times I've inflicted that on others.

Joe's at home making pumpkin soup from one of his mum's fresh home-grown pumpkins. Try to top THAT for awesomeness! I'm bringing home the rolls. I so feel like the man of the house. I need to get me some britches so I can stride in the door at home, snap 'em against my chest (ow) while observing Joe barefoot in the kitchen, and shout "WOMAN, MAKE ME A SAMMICH!"

Haha, old-school Michael Jackson just came on my iPod - this day gets better and better!


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