Aug. 8th, 2008

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Bear with me for a moment, I'm just going to rain fire and brimstone down upon a local business. I'm a bit DOOM-y because I sense the first stirrings of PMS, but that doesn't invalidate what I'm annoyed about (it just increases what should be a Mild Annoyance Factor to Unwarranted Blistering Rage.)

For the purposes of this warning, I should note that Joe and I don't drive to work, ever. We ride the bus or we walk. This saves us fuel as well as wear and tear on Joe's car, which isn't the mighty she-demon it once was.

So: We've now had our TV in for a service at Radio Electronics in Taringa for almost a fortnight, contrary to the repairman's original estimation of a couple of days. This, I don't blame him for - the TV seems to have an overheating issue, and though he says it's nothing major, he's being thourough, which is to be commended. (Ask me again when he gives me the bill, though - he hasn't once asked me to approve any additional costs along the way, yet I'll be very surprised if the total bill remains true to his original quote. I'm bracing myself for at least an extra fifty bucks...)

Anyway, we've now bought the car in on TWO seperate ocassions to pick the TV up, based on checking the evening before and to make sure if it'll be ready for pickup and being assured that, yes, it's all good to go - and BOTH times, after we're driven the car in specifically to do this, he's turned around and told us "Oh, wait, I found something else wrong."

This man has Joe's mobile number, by the way. He's had plenty of opportunity to phone, both times, and let us know that pickup wouldn't be available when he said it would be. He could have saved us time, effort and fuel money. On neither ocassion did he bother picking up the phone. The first time I figured it was an oversight, but the second time, AFTER he'd already clearly inconvenienced us and I'd told him that we could only make pickup at a pre-arranged day because we DON'T drive the car daily - failing to give us a quick call was just weak.

I usually cut people a lot of slack, but after being stuffed around almost daily for two solid weeks, it's becoming difficult to maintain politeness towards this guy. Joe and I have both been doing full-time hours this week and we had concrete plans for the weekend, all weekend. Now if we want our TV before NEXT weekend (thus making it THREE weeks he'll have had it) we're going to have to mess with our plans. And that's assuming he'll actually have it ready this weekend, because if he doesn't, it'll only be about the fourth time he's told us the wrong date for pickup. This time I'm going to call him FIVE MINUTES before we leave the house, in the hopes that he won't find some other reason to do more to the set in the half-hour it'll take us to get there.

It's not the TV, it's not the fuel cost, it's not the wasted time I'm angry about, it's his shoddy customer service. Richard told us that he's had a bad experience with this guy before too... unfortunately this was after we'd already left the TV there. I won't be using Radio Electronics in Taringa again, ever, and I strongly recommend that if you live on this side of the river, you find someone else to fix your electronics.

Hooray for word of mouth, the blessing of a good small business and the curse of a bad one.


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