Aug. 12th, 2008

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So you guys remember how I was upset because the Jenolan Gatehouse room rate had doubled from $30/night to $60/night in the time between me enquiring, and contacting them again to book?

Well, I explained my situation to them on the phone last week and asked to negotiate with the accomodation manager there. My phone has been really funky lately... I had a return phone call from that number on Friday afternoon but I'd missed it, as I was on the way home from work at the time. Apparently no message was left.

Today my phone finally gave itself some kind of digital ass-kicking and went, "oh! Shit! By the way, you've got a voicemail from, like, last Friday... hurr hurr... :B"

And it was from the Jenolan accomodation manager, who is letting me have the room for the four nights I wanted at the original rate. One single phone call saved me a hundred and twenty dollars. Or at least it will, when she calls me back, because I just called her, she was on break, and so we're still playing phone tag.


In other news, someone on [ profile] brisneyland posted an entry asking about gyms in Brisbane. My reply was slightly off-topic, but I've seen so many friends join gyms (against good advice) and then kick themselves a few months later when they realise they hate it but they're tied to a contract... and yes, I'm one of those people myself, from way back... so I thought this was worth saying. And if it's worth saying on Brisneyland, it's worth saying here:

"I know this isn't what you're asking, but as someone who lost 25 kilos in a year, I can tell you this: gyms didn't work for me. They don't work for a lot of people. The atmosphere can be awkward and uncomfortable if you're in any way shy or body-conscious and not only do you have to motivate yourself to excercise, you have to motivate yourself to actually GET there. I've known countless people who've joined up and then found themselves stuck in expensive contracts long after they've decided that gyms aren't for them.

What worked for me was just walking, briskly, roughly 6 kilometers (approx an hour's worth) every day. It's good, natural cardio and from the moment you step out the door to the moment you arrive home, not a second of workout time is wasted.

Rather than spending fifteen minutes getting to a gym, half an hour of excercise interspersed with waiting for your turn on sweaty machines, and fifteen minutes getting back home to wind up with LESS excercise than you'd get wandering about in the great outdoors for that time, you can walk anywhere, anytime, and it's absolutely free. These days I include my walk in my daily routine by walking home from work (from Taringa to Kenmore). It costs nothing, saves me public transport money and I feel great. The same trip by bus in afternoon traffic takes almost half an hour anyway!

That's my 2c, hope it helps. I'd hate to see another person put off the overall idea of fitness just because of the limited and expensive nature of gyms. Save your money and buy an iPod to take on your walks instead.

(Gym fans, forgive me - I know it's totes awesome for some of you, I've just found it's not for everyone!) "

End comment, but I should've added that a stretching / yoga regime would be good (and free) too... crawling about in the tunnels under Coopers Plains, I couldn't help but notice that my strength is good but my flexibility is shot to shit.


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