Aug. 14th, 2008

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Pay no attention to the giantess in the background. You find some odd things at your local McDonalds on a Friday night spirit-walk.

Yesterday Joe was working at the Ekka all day, but I was at home, chillaxin' on the Ekka Day holiday. Joe's been jonesing for a Wii, which he would have been able to afford out of his coming pay packet, but due to pay dates and practicalities he wouldn't have been able to get it until the weekend.

He was all bored and "meh" at the Ekka, and my pay had come in, so I went out and bought all the gear, all sneaky-like, and put it all on the bed so it'd be the first thing he saw when he walked into the room that night after work.

We've started unlocking stuff in Brawl. :)

In other happy news, my Jenolan accomodation tickets are booked! This weekend I have to call and book the cave tours. Less than two weeks to go!
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PMS time again. It's such a weird sensation. My latest analogy (because I can't go for more than 24 hours without coming up with a crummy analogy for something) is that fighting off PMS is like fighting off drunkeness, except instead of struggling to overcome cheerfulness and dizziness, you're fighting off grumpiness, paranoia and sore boobies.

I use alcohol as an example because the effects of alcohol have a physical (rather than a mental) origin: an overabundance of a substance in your system. PMS is rather the same, it's just a different type of substance at work: bloody hormones.

For NEXT month I have a weapon, though. I got a new Pill presciption. Gonna start after this coming period. Three months worth are sitting in my wardrobe and supposedly they're good'uns, so... field testing time!


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