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Painting (of course) has filled my day again. This piece is almost finished. At a loose guess, slicing out my frequent breaks to check Ebay / LJ / Facebook / email, I must've put about 20 hours into this... I'm a slow artist, painting or cartooning. This weekend with Damian is going to be GREAT practice though, lots of sketching. The subject matter will most likely be 'sexy toony pinup babes', because of course that's exactly what you'd expect as the favourite subject matter of a gay guy and a (mostly) straight girl.

Anyway, to get to the point in a roundabout way, today's working music is Evanescence. Laff it up, guys, I know they're totes emo, but for some reason they really get my drawing groove on. I think it's because their music is all "I R INTENSE AND SRS AND OBSESSIVE AND STUFF" which is lines up precisely with my natural drawing groove... even when I'm drawing small, goofy toons. CARTOONING: SRS BZNS.

What do you guys listen to while drawing? Does it differ from your usual music choices? Do you find you have trouble focusing if the music has lyrics? (I can't listen to anything but classical or score while writing, but drawing is another matter.) Your artsy habits, tell me them.

On Wednesday night, Joe's having dinner with a friend who is having some troubles, so I'll be at loose ends. At least, I would have been at loose ends once upon a time. This time, I thought about rustling up a mate or two for hangout time, but then I thought... nah. Being single left me with a huge appreciation for me-time. I'm ashamed to remember how often I was at loose ends if Joe went off and did something without me before the breakup. Let's not even mention how long it took me to adjust to being on my own FULL-STOP. Palm, meet face.

So I guess that off-topic last paragraph was me being all, "Dude, I was kinda lame, but now I rule?" I have now evolved to the stage where I supply my own asspats. If I were a pokemon I'd just have turned into asspatmon, and be wandering around squeaking "Asspats. ASSpats!"
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