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Best day EVAR! At work someone ran into the room telling us that the DVD rental store downstairs was shutting down and selling off all their DVDs at $2 - $3 each. Rosa and I sort of looked at each other...

Rosa: "I must... go to the bathroom..."
Me: "Yes. I must also use... the bathroom..."
Both: *runawayfast*

I came back twenty minutes later with:

- Prince of Persia for PS2
- Season 1 of The Muppet Show
- Season 2 of The Muppet Show
- Season 1 of Fraiser
- Season 1 of Harvey Birdman
- Dilbert: The Complete Series
- Neverwhere: The Complete Series
- Black Sheep

I also managed to accidentally buy a single disc from season one of Boston Legal; I picked it up while looking for its companions and forgot to put it back when I couldn't find them. Oops. Oh well, it was only $2. The entire cost of the above was $46! Some of the cases aren't pretty, and they'll take up space because each disc of each season takes up its own single case, so I'm going to drop into JB Hi Fi next chance I get, pick up some multi-disc cases and swap the cover inserts into those.

Also, Rosa and Mark loaned me the box sets of Seasons One and Two of 'Avatar'.

So yes. As far as DVDs go, today was manna from heaven day. Tonight Joe and I are heading to Hammond's place for pizza and funtimes. All in all an A+ day!

Best part is that when I got back to the art room, it was completely empty because everyone else including our manager had caved to temptation and run off to the sale too. ^_^
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