Aug. 7th, 2008 12:30 pm
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I found a faboo little budget calculator online this morning and after filling it out in a brutally honest manner, discovered that under my current 'budget', I'm spending slightly more than I make. *facepalm*

Link, for anyone who's interested: http://moneytools.news.com.au/banking/calculate/flash/budget-planner.asp

New budget time!

In other news, I got a coffee this morning (a budgetary mistake, I'm sure) and the dude who runs the cafe made it for me. I don't know what he does that the rest of his staff doesn't, but not only was it a very good coffee, it super-caffienated me to the point where I was over the road at lunch nearly three hours later, waiting for my food order, jiggling and thinking "IwannadanceIwannadanceIwannadance!" I have to go out dancing with Damien or Hammond one day, 'cos I'm willing to bet they'll be up for it - what's with the straight-guy no-no-dancey thing, anyway? The fact that I WANT to dance doesn't change the fact that I can't dance well in the slightest... But it's cool, I'm barely 5'3, which means that everything I do is automatically sort of endearing (even when it's completely retarded), so I roll with it.

Got awesome and varied plans this weekend with Joey, Rose and Hammond.

It could just be my imagination, but it seems that I'm seeing a lot less pewp in the cats litter trays, and a lot of disturbance in the soil outside. This makes me want to throw back my head, cackle wildly and screech, "IT'S WORKING!! AHAAHAAHAAA!" mad-scientist-style.

This just in: Damien is applying for the Static Artist position at SGRT. Could this turn out to be completely awesome? Yes, yes it could.
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