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Name:Tania Walker
Birthdate:Apr 8
Location:Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That is my religion.
Abraham Lincoln

I'm Tania. I'm a very quirky, very loud, very short and very firey. In fact, the word 'very' paired with various descriptors probably sums me up best.

I love sexy boots and coats but mostly get around in jeans and sneakers. Public transport and I get along well providing there is an iPod there to mediate. I date [profile] inc_b, a mad scientist who never updates his journal. My best friend [personal profile] hammond is a supernaturally cheerful gay man who wears odd socks. I used to be an animator for Disney in Sydney but these days I create art for gaming machines, which is less glam but way more fun. Kenmore in sunny Queensland, Australia is my home and I adore it. I have three cats, having stopped myself from acquiring any further when I realised I was teetering on the brink of becoming a crazy cat lady. I believe in growing old disgracefully. I like silly action photos of my friends and I jumping off things. I update this journal way, way too much, with the intent of printing it all out when I'm eighty (I may have to sacrifice a rainforest or two) and reliving my entire life, laughing at what a jerk I was. This last sentence does not start with "I."

You can find my stuff online at:

Animator @ DeviantArt

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