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Clawing my way out of sadness tonight has been vastly aided by Kim giving my my SECOND coffee ever (oh noes, it has begun), and by our AFK Cafe coffee night, and because I got an early Christmas present - a brand new phone! Hammond, Adders, Susan, Diz and Joe chipped in to get it for me... I think this was done before Joe and I stopped communicating so that aspect is actually kind of awkward (and if I seemed slightly confused tonight, guys, that's why).

But let's focus on the good here. I have a phone. It plays music. It is slimline. It has metal rather than just plastic. It feels nice and heavy. It has a camera to take cool pictures with. It plays MP3 ringtones. It has pics and wallpapers and stuff. It has a colour screen. The "before and after" of my old phone vs my new phone is pretty hilarious, I'll have to take a picture soon.

Also, I have very good friends who did something incredibly sweet and thoughtful, and every time I look at the phone, that's what I'll remember... So it's an extra-special phone. :)

More good news: We officially have a new flatmate. Everyone, meet [livejournal.com profile] kellycurious, the newest addition to Bond Street. She's renting the larger, airconned room and starts moving her stuff in on Friday, and should be all moved in by about Tuesday or Wednesday next week. Sometime this week I need to move the filing cabinet and corner cabinet out of the room, and shift the spare wardrobe back in there for her.

Bad news: I have to go to the hospital tomorrow morning to have something unpleasant done, which is good from the perspective that once it's done I'm back to full health, but bad from the perspective that in my silly troubled state today I only managed two hours of sleep... so by the time I sit through hours in the waiting room at the Mater public hospital, get the proceedure done and get home, I'll have been going for 48 hours on roughly 2 hours sleep. I'm neither sleeping nor eating properly but I figure I can afford to lose a few pounds. Stop me when I start looking haggard, guys. And don't worry about me... wearing myself out is helping me a lot. It feels good to be tired.

Life is certainly an adventure right now. I don't know what's going to happen next. I mean, nobody ever does, but I'm feeling it keenly right now.

Someone asked me about skydiving the other night, what it was like, and remembering it gave me cravings to do it again. I'll add that to the 'expensive luxuries' list and perhaps go for it when my debts are paid. Treat yourself: throw yourself out of a plane!


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