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Vote for 1448 on the Top 100 Comic sites!

The counter has reset itself (was it just me or did that take a couple of days too long?) so now's the time to vote if you want to, folks. Votes in now will actually have the effect of making the comic move up the rankings much faster than votes made at the end of the month, when there's dozens of votes worth of difference between each ranking.

A mere 14 votes made today will push us into the Top 20. \^_^/

Unfortunately, it would take 56 votes today to get us into the Top 10 (where our banner would actually start to show on the listing), and I don't think this comic has the legs for that just yet. Next month, perhaps... :3

Hmm, I have to go buy lunch. Mmmm, sammich. :3

[EDIT] ...bleargh; that sandwhich had GRISTLE in the chicken. *gag* That's what I get for trying a new sandwhich shop... ;_;

Ooh, counter's dropped from 27 to 24 23 20... (oh fuck it, watch the next edit) ;)

[EDIT #2] OMG! 20! You guys rock! :D ...I'm probably pushing my luck here, but 44 more votes will get the comic into the top ten... ;)
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I just discovered that Crikey Duck is on the Belfry Webcomics List (http://www.belfry.com/comics/index.php), which is weird because... I didn't put it there. c_c But hey, the desc is good and the site seems cool. I'm not sure what the subscription thing means... does it notify you when a webcomic is updated? Or send the actual comic to your inbox? I've subscribed to my own comic just to find out. 9_9;


Hey, a few more subscriptions and we'll be in the top 150 on the site, which'll be good PR if nothing else.

Which reminds me, there's an update coming this weekend. :)


Aug. 2nd, 2005 08:32 am
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http://www.crikeyduck.com is updated! The archive page and fiddly bits, however, are not, and I've got massive amounts of chatter to fill THIS journal with but it'll have to wait, I GTG to work, and I'll try to get an update in tonight 'cos I'm flying to Melbourne tomorrow but tata for now! *flee*
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This is what I worked on tonight. It's finished, unless the commissioner requests a color change. Very basic pose, and you don't usually see many naked girls getting around with deadly scythe-like weaponary, but that's what was requested, and who am I to argue? I like drawing nekkedness. ^_^

I tried a few new things here - gave the lighting some sweaty shiny schiznit, gave her a very contrasty sunset lighting scheme, and (for once) actually painted a small background in Photoshop. The commission was meant to be background-less, but I figured I'd toss that in because he's had to wait a while.

Just a reminder, she's NEKKED, hence the cut and preview image. )

I'll be uploading this to Dev (er... maybe? There's definitely no SEX in this one) and the usual places once I have the commissioner's go-ahead.

Totally off-topic, Robbie finished reading HBP tonight. I think his world is crumbling around him. Guess who his favourite character was? ;)

Ooh, and Vix finished the coloring on Crikey Duck. We've just gotta do the lettering. There'll be a definite update tomorrow night after work, and we've also got a smaller-size link banner I'll be waving around madly in my update ramble.

[EDIT] In the two minutes since I posted this, I've noticed two things I want to change.

[EDIT #2] ....four things.
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I need some link banners and buttons of various sizes for Crikey Duck. I've also got a million things to do this weekend.

If anyone here enjoys making banners and has the time and enthusiasm, you're absolutely welcome to submit some banners for the comic. They'd be used on a Link-To-Us page. I can't offer any kind of compensation. :\ My to-do-list is aptly described by the phrase "batshit insane" (coincidentally, the phrase is pretty apt for ME, too. ;) )

If you're interested, source images are the comics themselves (www.crikeyduck.com). The characters also pop up in my and Vicki's DevArt galleries, http://animator.deviantart.com and http://blitterbug.deviantart.com.
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...ze comic, she is updated! ^_^


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Last update for the night, I swear. But it's a good'un. ^_^ You know the drill, people - we have comicsign! COMICSIGN!! *flail*


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Nothing particularly good in this lot, I'm afraid.

OK, I sorta do like this one. Icon sketch for Rebecca. :)

More sketches under the cut... )
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Whelp, my finances sorted themselves out in the wake of the sketch sale, and I was finally able to get Crow a birthday present.

Props to Evana for, once again, being absolutely freaking BRILLIANT. And fast. And sweet. <3 <3 <3

In lieu of us actually being able to hang out, drink and Be Merry for your birthday, I give you this. ^_^ Hopefully someday we'll be able to afford to do this in person.

(Man, people ALWAYS give me donkey-ears in photos! Pick on someone your own height, you bastards. ;_; ;D )
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The URL is now operational - http://www.crikeyduck.com will take you to the right place. :)

I also gave LJ's automatically generated calendar archive the boot, 'cuz it didn't do what I wanted it to do, so there's a new archive system in place which is far more user-friendly, easier to read and far less numerically-based.

*trots back to Corel to finish vector-inking a commission*


Yanno... vector inking is lovely and all, but I sure as heck hope I get faster and/or better at it. 9_9; Doesn't help that I'm flying blind... Is anyone aware of any good vector tutorials geared toward cartoon-style artists?


Remember a while back when I said I was planning to sell off some sketches? They're up on the new Furbid.

I'm also selling three pieces of original production art from The Lion King 3 in a dutch auction, cheap!

Get 'em while they're flat and on paper. ^_^

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Zakiya can be a pain in the ass. Ranger takes his subtle revenge.

Meanwhile, Darrell's concern lies primarily with the state of his coat.



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