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Obligatory Photo and Macro posts out of the way, here's what's new in my world:

I've stepped down as Fan Art GD on dA. I have no good excuse. It's just that I thought my life would be one thing when I signed up, and it turned down a completely different path. They've found a very awesome person to take over where I left off, it was an enlightening time, and Danielle (moonbeam13.deviantart.com - Artist Relations co-ordinator) and I have been left with mutual feelings of empathy and respect. She's a remarkable person with the patience of a saint and killer organisational skills.

It was an awesome experience and I wish I could have done it the justice it deserved.

Never mind, though - the rest of this year is for dropping what I can drop, and picking up the things I've dropped that I never should have dropped (the house cleaning marathon this Saturday is working towards that end!). I've overextended myself too many times in the past few years, so I'm not doing freelance anymore, nor signing up to any kind of moderator positions or clubs online. I'm not starting any kind of regular webcomic, no signing up to NaNoWriMo, nor working on any group projects, nor guaranteeing any particular level of artistic output.

I have ideas I want to work on, and I'll do those at my own pace.

Currently Andreas, aka [livejournal.com profile] aibo, is staying with us for a few days before he returns to Germany. Locals: We're doing a Pancake Manor dinner on Friday night to give him a good Aussie send-off, please come! You can either meet at my place at 6pm and walk with us to the Manor, or meet us at the Manor around 7pm.

In another of those weird turns that characterise my life, I had dinner with the Channel 7 Sunny Coast weatherman tonight. Yeah, he has a name, but it's a better story when I put it like this. He's quite the charmer. :) Mikey and Em and a couple of others were there too, and much entertaining conversation was had by all.

Potential New Flatemate Kelly inspected the place a couple of days ago and approved greatly, cats and all! In all likelihood she'll be taking over Stan's room when he leaves for Melbourne at the end of December.

Potential New Flatmate Hayley is inspecting the ex-Study room on Friday, and unless we scare her off, it looks like she'll be moving in almost immediately.

For the first time EVER, the girls will outnumber the guys in one of my sharehouses! (Except that one time when Susan lived with Hammond and I for a few weeks.) Historically I don't like to live with girls, I like to be One Of The Boys, and having other girls around just encourages those pesky feminine tendancies of mine. I like to swear like a boy, mess stuff up like a boy, drink like a boy, screw like a boy (well, not literally, I fear I fall short anatomically). But I think it'll be a nice change, and judging by what I've seen so far, both girls will happily be One Of The Boys alongside the rest of us Boys.

Feeling pretty good about next year!


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