Jul. 4th, 2005 07:35 am
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OMFG! I hit 65kg! (143 pounds, for those unitiated into the Metric system) WOOHOO!! Goalpost #2 is PWNED!!

How shall I reward myself? (keep in mind it can't be foody - that would be slightly hypocritical - and I don't have much money, so it can't be overly expensive).

I could always take Harry Potter #6 as my reward... which reminds me, I REALLY gotta call that bookstore. The eve of Potter draws near. :3

I have now lost 11.5 kilograms (24 pounds). I have also lost more than half of my original goal, which was to lose 20kgs. Am now also about as slim as I was when I met Robbie. Incidentally, I think he might be starting to feel somewhat sheepish about all this, because he now wants to start jogging with me. *grin* Gosh, that's gonna be fun. We'll both be so incredibly lame and unfit on the first outing. Jog for two minutes... walk for five. Jog for another two... stagger for five. ;D

I'm amused at just how many replies that locked entry got, by the way. *grin* Some things are universally relateable.


Jul. 1st, 2005 07:28 am
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Down another half-kilo. Booyah! Now only half a kilo (one pound) off the next target. More determined than ever.

I'm so glad I'm doing this the right way this time. I lost a lot of weight in high school, and though partially my methods were good (a lot of bike riding), some of them were downright stupid (a lot of meal skipping). That's why, the moment I stopped my bike riding, the weight steady and rapidly started to go right back onto me again.

Now, I never skip a meal. This weight is going off the right way, and it's going to stay off.

KIDS: Don't try the starvation method at home! You will regret it the moment you stop. Trust me on this.

I need to pick up my act on the excersise side of things though. Since I now no longer take public transport, I'm not in a situation where I have to walk over half an hour to an hour a day. Can't afford a gym at the moment... I really need to take up walking, bigtime. I might have to start setting my alarm half an hour earlier.

Like this morning. ^_^ *goes to get dressed and go for a walk*

Diet tips

Jun. 11th, 2005 08:21 am
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For those of you who asked, the "before" photo was taken around the 5th of September 2004. The "after" photo was taken yesterday, the 11th of June 2005. However, I remained the weight I was in the 'before' photo for a few months after that. I started dieting in late January 2005. I've been going for just under five months.

My height is 5'2" (although possibly 5'3" - the jury's out on this one. I have to get it checked properly. We strongly suspect I've grown an inch SINCE age 18, which is just weird). Height is an important factor because in my case it means I can carry very little weight, and every little bit of weight I gain is clearly visible.

My ideal weight range, according to the medical charts, is between 51 to 64 kilograms (112 pounds to 141 pounds).

My start weight was 76.5 kilograms (169 pounds).

My current weight is 67.5 kilograms (149 pounds).

I've hit the first of my goals, which was to fall below 70kgs. I hit an unofficial goal by falling below 68kgs, too, because that's how heavy I was in 2003, when I lived at Felix Street with Robbie and tried unsuccessfully to diet a few times. My next official goalpost is 60 kilograms. It was kind of 65, but I feel that's too easy now, and if I make my goals too easy they're not worth much when I achieve 'em.

The eventual weight I want to achieve is 52 kilograms (114 pounds).

I'd be happy with 54 kilograms (119 pounds).

Cosmetically speaking, my main aims are to narrow down my waist / flatten my stomach, and get rid of excess fat on my upper arms, back, and under my chin.

* * *

OK, a lot of people also asked what I've been doing to lose this weight. It's not a simple answer. ^_^; So in order to avoid spamming the heck out of half the commenters on my before-and-after entry, I'm posting one long generic reply here. It was written off the top of my head and is unedited, so please forgive me if it's unclear at some points.

Weight Loss Tips )

Determination and persistance are more important than anything. Oh, and commonsense. Anyone who tells you they have a quick-and-easy way to do it is lying. Don't let it get you down, though - when you've adjusted to the change, you'll feel great. Excercising helps me feel like I'm in a little more control of my life. When you're out there walking, there's nothing between you and the whole world...

Hope that helps. :)
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...'cos tonight, I'm feeling good. :)

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For those who wanted to see "before and after" pics:



I'm only halfway there, though; I've got at least that much to lose again to get to my target weight. But yeah, there ya go. Before an' after. ^_^;;


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