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I love Viv and Ruby and Roy and the Rooftop Bar and that other bar and I'm even quite partial to that other other bar! I have about a million photos, none of which I can upload 'til I get home to my trusty card reader. Also, somehow I spent last night surrounded by Queenslanders, despite being in another state. Over half the people I was introduced to were either down from QLD on holiday or moved down here from QLD within the last few years. The Brisbane Effect reaches far and wide.

I spent the night at Roy's and then we spent the morning watching Firefly and unwinding from the awesomeness of last night. Unwinding is very necessary, as we're going to do it all again tonight in an all-new set of bars.

I'm so tired, but it's a GOOD tired.

As for the other thing, I'm much better today. I didn't go out planning to talk about it (actually, I planned the opposite) but they dragged a little out of me, and today everything seems almost normal again. Mum said a clean break is healthier than multiple fractures... so many people have said the same thing in so many different ways that I feel stupid for having tortured myself this long, leaving myself open to be hurt over and over again. I would have had to have been superhuman to let go of my feelings for someone I was still friends with and still seeing all the time. Everyone was right... I've got to start taking care of myself.

I keep seeing presents for Joe and things Joe would like, and until yesterday it hadn't sunk in just how much I was doing that. I see more Joe-centric things than I see me-centric things. It's like I let my personality slide away into some dark recess to make room for his. No more... I've got to either find myself or, if that's impossible, rebuild, and I can't do that while always thinking about Joe and what he would like and what he wants and how to maintain a friendship.

I'm going to watch more Firefly and chill until tonight's festivities. :)

[EDIT] My favourite of the pro photos from Rachel's wedding:

I've jumped out of planes, achieved my life's dream of working for Disney, climbed mountains, watched eclipses, birthed kittens and chickens and lambs, aced tests, loved with everything in me and done everything I've ever really put my mind to. But Rach has experienced something here I never have - to love someone and be loved so completely in return, with a conviction so strong that both people stake their life on it - and I hope to experience that someday myself. In the meantime, it was a privelidge to watch.
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I've had people asking about how the Zombie Walk went. The sheer amount of awesomeness encompassed within the Walk (and the sheer amount of incredible photos I've gathered from various snap-happy folks since then) will require an LJ entry that will take hours to put together, and tonight I need to spend those hours doing Crikey Duck.

So instead, here's a few teaser pics to whet your appetite... for BRAAAAAIIINSSSS!

Holy Zombies, Batman!
Holy Zombies, Batman!
The zombies mass in Roma Street Parklands.

Where's Rover?
Where's Rover?
Spot the Zombie Dog.

If I had any 'brrraaainnnsss' I'd go through the gate three feet away.

Call my chiropractor!
Call my chiropractor!
Joe's having back problems.

Oh my god! I killed Joe! ....wait.


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