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I got home just now and posted a generically grumpy facebook note to Kim (we seem to be tag-teaming the duty of Keeping Each Other Awake lately). Only tonight I'm allowed to sleep, and boy will I! It occured to me the note was a pretty neat 'Bond Street' slice of life so I decided to repost it here.

DISCLAIMER: I love my housemates, every last one of them. I honestly do. ;)

I got home to South Park blaring on the TV, and normally would have sat down to watch but I was so tired I kept falling asleep during the movie I just went out to see, so I doubt I'd do much better on the couch. Besides, I have to be up early tomorrow for a week of day shifts... ugh.

So my head was spinning with tiredness and I was not relishing the thought of wrestling my now-clean sheets onto my bed before I collapsed into sleep. Beyond South Park, this is what's going on downstairs: Jess is ticked because Stan dropped a beer downstairs and made the place smell beery, and Chris pressing me to tie up some accounting loose ends for the business. I went upstairs and there's Stan with heavy metal roaring out of my computer speakers, empty bottles all over the desk. I went into my room to drop off my armload of sheets and groaned aloud; it looks like a bomb went off in there. Came back out, chased Stan off my computer, he went downstairs to dispose of the empty bottles and the next thing I hear is SMASH-tinkle-tinkle and Jess going "Oh for fuck's sake."

I am beginning to understand Kim's antipathy towards people in general.

On the upside, they're all down there laughing together right now. :) And that's why I like this house. On the downside, I'm still tired, hence the uncharacteristic antipathy.

Also, my mother told me quite firmly on the phone that I've been cruel to myself lately, which Kim has also been telling me for some weeks now, so with an expert Second Opinion on the table I must really try to do something about that. I'm not being intentionally cruel to myself, I'm not doing anything idiotic like cutting or drinking or fucking about, and when I go for a day without eating it's not intentional. It just doesn't occur to me to eat sometimes, or when it does, it doesn't seem important. I'm working on that. I ate a burger, fries and thickshake before the movie tonight under Kim's steely gaze.

I also feel like I accomplished some small things this weekend, so that's good. Right now I think the kindest thing I can do for me is to put those sheets on my bed, set an alarm for tomorrow and get the first night-time sleep I've had in a fortnight. :)
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Clawing my way out of sadness tonight has been vastly aided by Kim giving my my SECOND coffee ever (oh noes, it has begun), and by our AFK Cafe coffee night, and because I got an early Christmas present - a brand new phone! Hammond, Adders, Susan, Diz and Joe chipped in to get it for me... I think this was done before Joe and I stopped communicating so that aspect is actually kind of awkward (and if I seemed slightly confused tonight, guys, that's why).

But let's focus on the good here. I have a phone. It plays music. It is slimline. It has metal rather than just plastic. It feels nice and heavy. It has a camera to take cool pictures with. It plays MP3 ringtones. It has pics and wallpapers and stuff. It has a colour screen. The "before and after" of my old phone vs my new phone is pretty hilarious, I'll have to take a picture soon.

Also, I have very good friends who did something incredibly sweet and thoughtful, and every time I look at the phone, that's what I'll remember... So it's an extra-special phone. :)

More good news: We officially have a new flatmate. Everyone, meet [livejournal.com profile] kellycurious, the newest addition to Bond Street. She's renting the larger, airconned room and starts moving her stuff in on Friday, and should be all moved in by about Tuesday or Wednesday next week. Sometime this week I need to move the filing cabinet and corner cabinet out of the room, and shift the spare wardrobe back in there for her.

Bad news: I have to go to the hospital tomorrow morning to have something unpleasant done, which is good from the perspective that once it's done I'm back to full health, but bad from the perspective that in my silly troubled state today I only managed two hours of sleep... so by the time I sit through hours in the waiting room at the Mater public hospital, get the proceedure done and get home, I'll have been going for 48 hours on roughly 2 hours sleep. I'm neither sleeping nor eating properly but I figure I can afford to lose a few pounds. Stop me when I start looking haggard, guys. And don't worry about me... wearing myself out is helping me a lot. It feels good to be tired.

Life is certainly an adventure right now. I don't know what's going to happen next. I mean, nobody ever does, but I'm feeling it keenly right now.

Someone asked me about skydiving the other night, what it was like, and remembering it gave me cravings to do it again. I'll add that to the 'expensive luxuries' list and perhaps go for it when my debts are paid. Treat yourself: throw yourself out of a plane!
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After being locked away for the entire year, the magnetic poetry has been unleashed onto the fridge once more!

Poems so far range from lovely to lecherous, with frequent outings into 'silly'. Examples:

"what what
in the butt

"I want to lick your mother's bitter honey sausage"

"He sees me
and from sweet shadows whispers

"I love it when you finger my juicy smooth smelly butt mist"

"Goddess always want a hot man"
(I think that one is about me!)

That's the result of Jess, Kim and I being unleashed (indeed, Jess and I cheerfully co-authored 'honey sausage'); I cringe to think what'll happen when Stan and Chris get involved.

If anyone really does want to buy me a Christmas present this year (keeping in mind I'm drawing everyone's presents and am thus a cheapskate - but a hardworking cheapskate!), the 'Sequel Kit' for Magnetic Poetry would go down well. Or, if you're an ass, perhaps the 'Sex Kit'. Because clearly these guys need encouragement.

[EDIT] I started to cheer up, for some reason, when I noticed a spray bottle of catnip on my desk beside two of Stan's empty beer bottles, two of Chris's burned 'Dexter' DVDs and the flyer a pair of Jehovah's Witnesses left me yesterday after I told them "Oh, sorry, I'm a Satanist... just kidding!" just so I could see their expressions rapidly change from neutral to shocked to slightly hysterical laughter.

The thought that I am in a house full of interesting people cheers me up to no end.

Then Chris, who is working on his computer downstairs, put on 'Bring It (Theme from 'Snakes on a Plane')' really loudly, so I ran downstairs and danced frantically for a while, and thoroughly alarmed my Jangles-cat. I'm going to read and unwind for a while. Life isn't so bad.
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Obligatory Photo and Macro posts out of the way, here's what's new in my world:

I've stepped down as Fan Art GD on dA. I have no good excuse. It's just that I thought my life would be one thing when I signed up, and it turned down a completely different path. They've found a very awesome person to take over where I left off, it was an enlightening time, and Danielle (moonbeam13.deviantart.com - Artist Relations co-ordinator) and I have been left with mutual feelings of empathy and respect. She's a remarkable person with the patience of a saint and killer organisational skills.

It was an awesome experience and I wish I could have done it the justice it deserved.

Never mind, though - the rest of this year is for dropping what I can drop, and picking up the things I've dropped that I never should have dropped (the house cleaning marathon this Saturday is working towards that end!). I've overextended myself too many times in the past few years, so I'm not doing freelance anymore, nor signing up to any kind of moderator positions or clubs online. I'm not starting any kind of regular webcomic, no signing up to NaNoWriMo, nor working on any group projects, nor guaranteeing any particular level of artistic output.

I have ideas I want to work on, and I'll do those at my own pace.

Currently Andreas, aka [livejournal.com profile] aibo, is staying with us for a few days before he returns to Germany. Locals: We're doing a Pancake Manor dinner on Friday night to give him a good Aussie send-off, please come! You can either meet at my place at 6pm and walk with us to the Manor, or meet us at the Manor around 7pm.

In another of those weird turns that characterise my life, I had dinner with the Channel 7 Sunny Coast weatherman tonight. Yeah, he has a name, but it's a better story when I put it like this. He's quite the charmer. :) Mikey and Em and a couple of others were there too, and much entertaining conversation was had by all.

Potential New Flatemate Kelly inspected the place a couple of days ago and approved greatly, cats and all! In all likelihood she'll be taking over Stan's room when he leaves for Melbourne at the end of December.

Potential New Flatmate Hayley is inspecting the ex-Study room on Friday, and unless we scare her off, it looks like she'll be moving in almost immediately.

For the first time EVER, the girls will outnumber the guys in one of my sharehouses! (Except that one time when Susan lived with Hammond and I for a few weeks.) Historically I don't like to live with girls, I like to be One Of The Boys, and having other girls around just encourages those pesky feminine tendancies of mine. I like to swear like a boy, mess stuff up like a boy, drink like a boy, screw like a boy (well, not literally, I fear I fall short anatomically). But I think it'll be a nice change, and judging by what I've seen so far, both girls will happily be One Of The Boys alongside the rest of us Boys.

Feeling pretty good about next year!
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An uneventful night flight got me home from Melbourne on Sunday night. I was the sole passenger on the coach from the airport to West End, and the driver kindly dropped me off at my door. The driver, by the way, was a psychic therapist, because this is the sort of thing that always happens to me. He said he believes everyone you meet, you meet for a reason. He's the second person to say that to me within a week, but the first was trying to get in my pants.

This guy was interesting... he had a lot to say about relationships that applied to things I've been thinking about, and he said it all unprompted. There was so much personal meaning for me in so many of the things he said that I felt my throat close up a few times, and could only nod. Could there be something to this whole psychic thing? In the immortal words of Hammond: Who can say?

At home, Kim and Stan and I sat on the futon on the verandah at midnight with cigars, scotch and dark chocolate. It was heaven... it felt really, really good to be back home with the people I care about. Stan, who was on his fiftieth beer or so, said it was really good to see me, especially my hair. Kim agreed on the hair point. Apparently my new hair makes my mouth look hot... who knew? I like that I can see my upper back and neck now. This has always struck me as being an incredibly sexy place, both visually and sensually - kiss me there, bite me there, and I'm yours - it's also where I plan to get a tattoo.

Oh, and I finally decided on a tattoo design... it leaped into my head on the flight from Sydney to Melbourne, an idea complex but completely formed and I knew without a doubt it was the right thing. The best part of it is that in a way, it will change as I do... It's very narrative, a little technical, symbolic and meaningful, and very "me". When I've put together the full design in Illustrator I'll do a photo mockup of what it'll look like on me, and upload it here.

As for the hair, I know I promised photos, gimme a break. I've done nothing but sleep and marathon Boston Legal with Kim since I got back. And for all the awesome fun I had in Melbourne, I've been happier in the past 24 hours than I was down there. The point is, when I cease being comatose tomorrow, I'll find the photos and upload them.

In St Kilda, as I walked down the footpath in a black cotton slip dress that tied around the waist, a car went by and a dark-haired, dark-eyed boy leaned out the back window and called, "You're beautiful," and was swept away before I could think how to react.

This morning I put tinfoil on my bedroom window so I can sleep during the day.

Coffee night on Tuesday, and a little dinner party on Wednesday. I can't wait! There is a very tall German man staying at our place for a few days from Wednesday onwards; some of you may know him as [livejournal.com profile] aibo. He's full of cute observations about Australia that make me look at the place with fresh eyes.

I won't be going to New Zealand this year... I will get a nice fat refund for my tickets. Why go now, when I can barely afford it? Why go now, when there's no reason to run away from what I have here?

Choosing not to associate with Joey anymore was the right thing to do. I don't hate him. I just think we'll both breathe easier without the other around.

Currently I'm at work, and I'm dealing with tickets. Hooray, I'm capable of being slightly productive! They still haven't let me do anything more than observe the customer service chats. This is completely fine by me, I'm terrified of breaking something.

All my adult years have been either about career, or relationships, or both. 2008 is going to be an interesting change of pace. I think this year is going to be about friendship and about me. I'm really looking forward to it.

I love cigars and scotch in a way that is very inappropriate for someone of my gender, build, and social standing.


Nov. 17th, 2007 07:26 am
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Dammit. The garage sale is today and it's RAINING. I doubt we'll get many attendees, which will leave us with heaps of stuff to get rid of and nowhere to keep it. Later today I'm going to go down to the Vinnies shop and see if they want to send out a van.

Some of the books were poking out from under the balcony and got soaked. EPIC FAIL.

If you replied with interest to any of the stuff I listed on here over the past few weeks, get in quick - today is your last chance before some other lucky slob gets it. ;)
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Just now have I recalled that in the heights of tipsiness at the Vaudeville party the other night, the fiend ([livejournal.com profile] turner23) and I had a conversation about Avenue Q and Wicked, both Broadway shows I want to see.

AMERICANS ON MY TRAVEL ROSTER PLEASE NOTE: I am not leaving your country without attending a performance of BOTH of these shows.

It also occurred to me today that because my Facebook page shows only snippets of my life and conversations, it makes me look like a very strange person indeed.

It looks like my new friend and I might be going fishing up on the Sunshine Coast this weekend. I told him I've never caught a decent-sized fish in my life. He's bet me I will absolutely and for certain catch a fish if I go fishing with him. Will his fishing prowess beat my innate fishing lameness? Who can say?

"Who can say?" is something Hammond inserts onto the end of short rambles now and then, and I can't get it out of my head. :D

Adders, Diz, myself and possibly others will be having a Californication marathon, possibly on a Friday night, possibly soon.

Garage sale this Saturday, my place! I'm selling heaps of stuff SERIOUSLY cheap, the idea being to clear out space rather than make money.

"Defenestrate" is both my new favourite word and my new favourite threat. Look it up. I've been using it at least three times a day since I found it.

This may be the first genuinely happy entry I've written in a month. You can tell by all the random, disconnected sentences.


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