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Uh-oh, Tania's bored at work and is about to write another journal entry you'll all have to scroll past. Look out!

So we broke up, I fucked up, and I'm in some pretty solid debt these days. But it's all good!

Having been in my new job for a solid couple of weeks now (go me), and having calculated how long it will take me to clear all my debts while still paying off my mortgage at a faster-than-necessary pace (six months, for those who care), I can afford to start dreaming about all the sweet, sweet material things I shall buy myself when those six months are up.

These include:

- New joggers (mine have air vents that are not supposed to be there, if you know what I mean, and the soles are worn down by about 50%. Like Vimes and his boots, I can now identify where I am by the texture of the ground through my soles. Hopefully these old faithfuls, kings among footwear, will last me out this final six-month stretch.

- Extension kits for my magnetic poetry. Because a fridge without filthy poems just ain't a fridge.

- Books! For research, not for fun. I need to acquire a few key books on my Amazon Wishlist about doom, gloom, the near-end of mankind, winter survival, that sorta fun-loving thing. I've been plotting to empty Amazon of it's offerings on these topics for some time now. Six months, Amazon, and you're mine.

- A mobile phone that has a built-in camera, so I can show people all the cool things I see, and get rid of my Nokia Brick (circa 1999).

- I also wouldn't mind a nicer graphics tablet, but it's not something I need. Whilst a Cintiq still tickles my fancy I feel it would be an unnecessary purchase for someone who doesn't intend to make a living from her art any longer.

- More of my magical perfume that makes people sniff me. I got it from that Jonothan guy, the perfumier, I gotta ask Hammond if he wants to go back there sometime so I can get more. That stuff is AMAZING.

- A pair of knee-high Goth boots with lifts and buckles and crap. I have ALWAYS wanted a pair.

I can live without everything on this list except the sneakers. Mmmm, luxury items. And aside from the sneakers I basically have everything I need. It's a nice thought. :)

My other thought is to plan to buy myself one fun thing for every $1000 worth of debt I get paid, but I think that's cheating, and besides, the more I put toward the debts the sooner I'm debt free again - and that, my friends, is a far more satisfying feeling than getting any of those shiny new toys above. Except maybe the sneakers.


Dec. 8th, 2007 03:21 am
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I know nobody ever looks at wishlists when people link them, but I'm linking mine, not because I want to plead for gifts (actually I'd rather my friends spent time rather than money on me this year) but because viewed as a whole, my wishlist makes me seem like a paranoid weirdo. I promise that everything on here has a legit, non-insane reason for being there. And I really don't think the world is going to end anytime soon; nor do I see digging snow-caves for survival as something in my immediate future.


I can't believe how well my body adapted to my work schedule. It's 3.22am and I'm sprightly, awake, and haven't touched caffeine in two days... plus I get to sleep through the hottest part of the day in air-conned comfort! Total win.


Nov. 17th, 2007 07:26 am
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Dammit. The garage sale is today and it's RAINING. I doubt we'll get many attendees, which will leave us with heaps of stuff to get rid of and nowhere to keep it. Later today I'm going to go down to the Vinnies shop and see if they want to send out a van.

Some of the books were poking out from under the balcony and got soaked. EPIC FAIL.

If you replied with interest to any of the stuff I listed on here over the past few weeks, get in quick - today is your last chance before some other lucky slob gets it. ;)


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