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I virtually never use my journal to recommend music; that's [livejournal.com profile] hammond's job.

For the last few days, however, I've been captured by the music of Rob Dougan. It's good relationship music (break up / make up / start up), it's orchestral and theatrical, and it's very sad. I realised I'd made inroads when I was able to listen to sad music again. For the past two months I wouldn't go near a sad tune, and determinedly listened only to the boppiest, craziest entries on my playlist.

The songs on 'Furious Angels' tie together musically, and the central theme of all of them is relationships (usually those that are struggling to start, crumbling to their end, or completely fucked), but there's so much anger and passion and hope in this music that it's hard to ignore. The songs all support the idea of following your heart and taking risks (to extremes in one or two cases). These are themes I hold close to my heart and they make for some damn fine listening.

I don't want to die slowly
I don't want to decay
I want to be chosen
I want to be made
I don't want to die lonely
And weary of life
I will not be earthbound
I'm gonna fly

-- 'Speed Me Towards Death', Rob Dougan, Furious Angels

I want to play a silver note that fills you with hope
And tames you to feed from my hand
A turquoise chord that invites you to soar
And fly to a faraway land
A symphony that gently leads you to sit and be still with me
And grief doesn't frighten me
At it's worst it delights me
Cause I want to kiss you and weep

-- 'Drinking Song', Rob Dougan, Furious Angels

I recommend downloading the entire album, as the songs lead on from one another.

Click for MININOVA TORRENT of 'Furious Angels' album


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