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A little premature, but this gives me time to edit and add to them before the Big Day rolls around. :)

1. Remain single for at least a few months. Use time to examine and redefine own needs and desires.
2. Clear all debt by July.
3. Organise USA trip for end of 2008.
4. Complete first draft of TLW before the beginning of the US trip, giving myself a couple of months to let it rest before returning for rewrites.

I like this year's resolutions, they feel balanced over the fields of personal growth, finances, travel and creativity.

Notice that there is no weight loss NYR this year, for the first time in... three years, I think? I'm not at what I would consider my perfect weight, but I am quite happy with my overall health and appearence. Any additional work is fine-tuning; it's the dieting equivalent of filing your nails or plucking your eyebrows - taking what you got and making it that tiny bit better. :)

TLW is an acronym of the title of something I've been planning to write for a while. It's also my initials but that's an honest-to-god coincidence.

The USA trip, unlike the others, is not an escape. That's why I'm not impatient for it to get here. I want time to plan and make it the best trip it can possibly be. Heck, with 30+ potential couches to crash on across the States, I'm going to NEED time to plan.

Due to work committments I'm probably going to cut out the "working in Canada" portion and instead pare it down to a two-month trip, with roughly a week spent holidaying in Canada before heading down to the States to do the rest.

It'll be less about going someplace and more about meeting some people I've wanted to meet for a long time. :)


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