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...so is caffeine. And chocolate. And booze. And dope. And cigars. All in all, you can have a lot of fun with the apparently restrictive statement, "Everything in moderation." It all depends on where you put the emphasis.

GOOD MORNING, WORLD! It's 5:19am and I made it through another night, though I'm tired enough that in the previous paragraph I originally wrote 'phone' instead of 'fun'. This morning after work I'm grabbing a coffee with Elizabeth (not Diz, not sleeping-with-the-ex-Elizabeth, but ANOTHER Elizabeth, this one being the awesome and lovely lady who is married to the equally awesome but not as lovely [livejournal.com profile] greg_merlo), though we have no venue so will probably wind up sitting outside the office someplace with the coffees she brings. And then afterwards I can throw projectiles at the windows to annoy... *checks roster* ...Kim and Sanae. And then I will run away giggling. Teeheehee!

I slept on the couch for my half-hour break and had one of those messed up moments where I woke up on the couch, talked with Jo... and then woke up on the couch. For real, the second time.

The hospital thing worked out okay. As is typical for my body, after the needle I received the day before at the doc's it pretty much sorted itself out, so the two-hour wait in the hospital room I endured, which was filled with workmen hammering and drilling and shouting, during which I almost irreversibly screwed up my new phone account transfer from Vodafone to Optus due to a signal drop-out at a very key moment, was fairly pointless. I was prescribed antibiotics but won't be getting those 'til I have a little money in my account. Stop wanting to hit me, Em.

I don't really 'do' serious medication, especially not antibiotics. In fact, it's conceivable I haven't had them since early childhood. I'm one of those people who resists medication where possible, perhaps to make up for all those idiots out there who forget that "Antibiotics are a SOMETIMES treat."

Aside from the antibiotics the sum total of the hospital visit was being told to "put salt water on it", which is what my dear mum prescribed for everything.

Conjunctivitis? SALT WATER. Sore throat? SALT WATER. Got a cold? SWIM IN THE OCEAN. Broken leg? HERE, HAVE SOME SALT WATER.

Okay, I lied, but only about one of the above. To return to the Sesame Street parallels (see journal entry title), "One of these things does not belong here."

Sesame Street made me paranoid about water usage at age six. It got me into trouble at school for pronouncing 'Z' the American way. It turned one of my friends polyamorous. My friends, how have Jim Henson and his band of foam-rubber reprobates irreversably scarred YOUR psyche?

Just wait 'til I write my entry about how Enid Blyton messed up my development into a functional adult. Everyone I know blames Disney, but no, it was Enid.
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Generally all of the emails we receive follow a certain broad template: The player describes their problem. That's about as broad as it gets. Belligerence is optional.

The email I just received reads, in full, "plz send information"


Dec. 10th, 2007 11:27 pm
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I have a player who wants to 'verificate' some things. I'm going to start collecting examples of bad grammar and hilarious spelling. It shall be my at-work hobby, along with creating a magnetic leaderboard of "funniest things ever said by players".

Kim, I decided what I want to do with my future. It's potentially lame and wanky, but I decided! (It has nothing to do with collecting words like 'verificate'.)

[EDIT] *facepalm* Lesson of the Day: In chats, do not get 'Ctrl-D' and 'Alt-D' mixed up. Hurrrrr.

Har har har

Dec. 8th, 2007 06:09 am
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And we are reaching the end of Friday Night Shift.

4.50am. I played with my magnetic poetry application on Facebook, with predictably Freudian results. Then I watched the sun come up, and felt at peace in that moment.

6.09am. Kim is asleep on the floor with his jacket over his head. Co-worker Andrea and I both have photos.
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This sleep-deprivation gig is kind of fun. Soon I will join the bitter, grouchy, baggy-eyed ranks of my zombie co-workers, but until then, I will enjoy the incredibly profound effect that caffeine has on my body. Mmmmm.... spinny.


Nov. 28th, 2007 05:14 pm
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I'm enjoying being here, and looking forward to New Zealand, but I realised today that I'm also looking forward to my life settling back into a routine again. I'm actually relishing the thought of all those steady night shifts! Facebook gets boring after a while, more so if Kim won't be around to play Scrabulous with, so there's something else I might do when things get slow at work; something I haven't properly done in a very long time.

Disney burned me out, and since then drawing has seemed mechanical; a useful function and a means to an end. I want to start drawing properly again. Not for money, not for fandom or any online communities or group projects, but purely and strictly for me. I don't want to be a commercial artist. I just want to be an artist.

I want to draw what I want. Do you know, I don't even know what that is?
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I have a place to stay in Melbourne with Marcus, a.k.a. the awesome guy who knows of Secret Bars and other such wonderful Melbourne things! He's going to take me to:

- an election count soirée Saturday night
- a pub-based folk festival on Sunday (with his kids and friends)
- a spoken word thing held by a friend on Sunday evening
- Hellfire club the following Friday with friends

In my own time I shall:

- Do as-yet-unplanned Fun Stuff with Ruby
- Ditto with Viv!
- Stop in at Coco Black and buy Joe a box of chocolates 'cos I'm a softie like that
- I dunno, ride trams and crap!

Hahaha, holy shit I need money.

STOP THE PRESSES. Right as I finished writing the above line I got a phone call and I now have a full-time job at Kim's work! I start Monday! And will apparently be trained by the esteemed Mr Kim himself! The badness of the fact that I'll have to echo his chaotic schedule of day shifts / grave shifts for that first week (and possibly again for a week or so when I get back from Melbourne) is outweighed by the fact that I'll be being trained by a guy who is already used to me being a smartass. WIN!

I has job. ^_^
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I have an iiiinterview tomorrow! :D Kim handed my resume to his boss this morning; his boss called me this afternoon. He seemed very interested on the phone and I'm proud of how smoothly I handled the subsequent conversation - my phone phobia vanishes completely when I'm put into a professional situation. Interview is set for 9:30am.

I'm excited! Now that Interrobang is set up and running merrily on it's little systems there's not been much for me to do around here, so having a different job will let me poke my head in on the biz one or two days per week, do the bookkeeping, bill paying and any incidental graphic design needed, and halve my own pay - that way, the business will be able to pay it's bills quicker, and I won't starve because I'll have another job paying mine!

This is assuming I don't screw up tomorrow of course, but if there's one thing I'm confident of, it's that I can make a good impression at a job interview. I've bloody well had enough practice.

SPEAKING OF INTERROBANG: We've marked all our prices way, way down. This came from a decision to sell at wholesale price to everyone, public included. Our profit margins have been severely sliced but considering the age of the market interested in our sort of designs, we've got to try to keep our prices low. Besides, our primary income is still from CAD and custom work, so we can afford to do this as an experiment.

http://www.interrobang.com.au - Hammond, Adders, Rose, et al - if you wanted to buy those pendants, now is the time. We have multiples of each in stock right now. :) You don't have to put your order through the website; given that you're all locals, dropping by and paying cash is the best option for everyone.

Other good things: I have been losing weight... but not out of depression, just out of eating well. I somehow managed to continue the weight loss even after being given a large box of Fererro Rocher chocolates. I will tell you this: one of my greatest diet secrets is the ability to share my snacks with others.

I feel happy and hopeful for the future again, for reals. I know there will still be moments when I'm sad, but it's at an acceptable level now and I feel like I'm really heading somewhere. It's not where I thought I'd be going, but I think maybe this journey will turn out to be even better than the one I left behind.

It has been seven and a half weeks since Joe and I broke up, and only for the last two and a half of those was it official. I believe I can safely say I'm more mentally stable than I gave myself credit for... I didn't expect to start feeling this much better this quickly. With that small hike in confidence, my standards over what makes a good partner and what makes a good lifestyle have both stepped up a notch. (No offense, Joey, when you finally get back from Toowoomba and read this! You know I think you're awesome, I'm referring only to compatibility levels here.)

My sex drive has kicked back in... so yeah, that's pretty inconvenient, but the absence had begun to worry me, so overall I'm happy!

On Sunday I'm going fishing with my doctor friend. He told me to choose the date and given that we'd had a conversation about fishing and how awful I've been at it in the past, and that he claimed he could have me reeling in a fish in a single session with him, my curiosity was piqued. And I do love being up on the Coast, on and around the water. So I mentioned the hire boats on Maroochy river to him, and BAM! Just like that, he hired one for Sunday. He is also going to organise all meals and even offered to pick me up FROM BRISBANE, which is an hour drive each way, and which I refused. I shall take a train to the coast. Nobody tries to spoil ME rotten and gets away with it...

He will probably turn out to be the Ice Truck Killer (in-joke for 'Dexter' fans there.)

Joe and I are SMSing one another a few times a day, friendly-like. We still have our moments of AARGH, which is to be expected, but they are less frequent and always signify progress. All in all we're doing great. We hope to return to the best-friends dealie we used to have, and hopefully it will be an even better friendship this time around, what with us getting over all that Unresolved Sexual Tension crap. ;)

I got my passport in the mail yesterday. I HAVE A PASSPORT. Immediately checked out prices to Vanuatu (SO freaking cheap if booked ahead) and information on seven-day hiking tours to active volcanoes on the islands, but sternly reminded myself that I already have a great deal of travel planned and should not overshoot my bounds.

The final, and best, thing that happened today: walking home from the supermarket in West End, I passed a man carrying groceries with his large brown dog walking by his side... carrying a bag of groceries in it's mouth. It wasn't on a leash or anything, just moseying along beside this guy WITH A BAG OF GROCERIES. I almost wept for joy and in frustration at not having a camera handy. Hammond, you're absolutely right, I need to get a new phone. I'd get one for myself as a Christmas present (from me, to me!) but all my Xmas money this year is going towards New Zealand. I'll think of something though! I shall have my camera phone and then none of you will be spared the bizarre sights I'm confronted with on a weekly basis!

That reminds me: my doctor friend arrived in West End early to pick me up the other night, and rather than come and hang around in front of my house, he wandered around West End and checked the area out. Now, he has only recently moved to Australia and doesn't know Brisbane at all. Nobody warned him about West End, a.k.a. "The Hippie Precinct". Nevertheless, when he came across a women in dreadlocks and a hippie skirt standing in the middle of the footpath, arms in the air as she sang and spoke to the sky, he learned all he will ever need to know.


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