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In happier news, I've discovered www.freerice.com. For every word you get right, they donate 20 grains of rice to the UN World Food Program. It's just challenging enough to keep things interesting - every time it starts getting too easy they throw in a little curveball that makes you stop and think back through every Penguin Classic you ever read.

'Sebaceous' is a word that everyone should come across first thing in the morning. It's also a great character name. Fatty fat fat!

Me, Joe, Hammond, Kelly and Diz are going to see "Keating! The Musical" on Wednesday the 27th of April. Rapping politicians, it's going to be AWESOME. Hmm, that's ranks up at about #18 on the Geekiest Things I've Ever Said list. I'm told that #1, which I still get mocked about today, is "We should make codewords like Sam and Dean!"

You know what would be totally sweet? Going dressed as various politicians. I'd get a suit and a white wig and a yardglass and rock up as Bob Hawke. Come to think of it, I'm going to ask Lachlan if he wants to come, partially because he's awesome, but also because I feel he could pull off a pretty good Keating in a pinch.

...aaand this entry is gradually trailing into pointlessness.

...D'you like bread? I've got a french loaf! BYYEEEE!


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